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How to search for long tailed keyword for article writing for Adsense income

When you want to write for passive income, you definitely have to write articles that are searchable, and get into the front page of Google search result page.


An important way to do it is by using long tailed keyword in your article.  A long tailed keyword refers to a few words, not just one word.


For example, the word “mutual fund” is a keyword.  “how to buy dividend mutual funds” is a long tailed keyword. 


The purpose of the readers using long tailed keyword is to narrow down the search results, and the purpose that you write with long tailed keyword is to get readers to click on the link to your article.


How to search for long tailed keyword for article writing?


One way is to use Google Adwords.  You do not need to use it to advertise, even though the purpose of Google Adwords is for advertisers to bid for certain keywords and place their advertisements.


You can sign on to Google Adwords through your Google account.


You can see Home, Campaigns, Opportunities, Report and Tools in the header.


You click on the down button for Tools.  You can click on Keyword Planner.  You use the first option to search for keyword and ad word ideas.


You can enter a search phrase in the “Find new keywords and get search volume data”.


For example, when you want to write about mutual funds, you just type mutual funds and see the list of keywords that come out.


You can see that mutual funds get millions of searches per month worldwide.  You can narrow it down to the search in any country.


That is too competitive for a keyword.  It is too short to be considered a s a good keyword phrase.


“how to buy dividend mutual funds” is a better long tailed keyword, since the search volume is much lower, and the keyword phrase is longer.


It is best to focus on those long tailed keywords with less search volume and more words in a phrase.



You will see results soon when you are diligent in doing the keyword research before writing.  You will see the increase in Adsense income too. 

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    1. Great post. Thanks for all this great information. I do not understand SEO very well but this helps to clear it up a bit for me. I may be getting the grasp on it now.

    2. great and helpful post.
      At least now I get the idea what SEO is all about.
      The words that we used to search at Google search should be included in the post content itself.
      Then, the post would be on the most search and read at Google.

      Thanks for sharing

      The tips on Google Keywords, I tried that but the words given are too plain and simple.

      When I type banana cake, it doesn’t comes out how to bake banana cake, why?

      • @peachpurple This Adwords is meant for advertisers, not for us writers.
        It gives them an indicative value of the keyword phrase.
        If we want long tailed keywords, we have to be very specific when we type in.
        Instead of typing “banana cake”, you can type “how to bake banana cake.”
        Then the suggestions will include all variations.

    3. This is a very helpful and informative post!In fact, this is an example of what the support meant by quality posts. I am not at all good at SEO but the tip you shared here is easy to understand and quite useful. Thanks for sharing!

    4. Great article @scheng1! I’m glad you are sharing your experience in article writing and SEO. It will be good for the site and all the users, if people can learn from you.

    5. Very interesting…I’m finding that Google does *not* want to display this page without setting up a billable ad, though!

      • As long as you sign up for Adwords with your Google account, you can access this page.
        No need to set up a billable ad!

    6. How interesting!!! that’s informative and helpful. I really inspired as recently I have started learning adsense

    7. It is most important for all of us to know how to write a post according to SEO so that it could be searched very soon through google search engine is the clever software that traces according to alphabets technically.

      As you can imagine, short-tail keywords are extremely competitive and difficult to rank for. What most people now do is try to rank for a series of longer-tail alternatives where you add an extra bit of information on the end to target a smaller group of people.

      I’ve written a bit about keyword research for blogging before so I won’t go over it again in too much detail. At a minimum, you want to spend 20 minutes to an hour researching and making sure you can compete and are targeting the right things.

      It’s at the point where we have to communicate our ideas to our readers, show them what we want to achieve, generate some curiosity, and also add in the key phrase for the benefits of Google SEO.

      Titles that communicate an extraordinary amount of value often do really well, especially if the article itself actually follow through with the promise. I tried to do this with a post called My 9,381-Word Guide on How to Start a Blog and Dominate Your Niche.

      It took a long time to write but the results have been pretty good. In my opinion Glen is the king of these types of titles with examples like How 3 Guys Made Over $10,000,000 Last Year Without a Single Backlink.


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