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Schooling Our Children; Private, Public, or at Home


In today’s world, some of us face the decision on whether to send our children to private schools, public schools, or just to educate them at home ourselves.  This may be a controversial topic in that it brings many oppositions but yet create agreements in some areas.

Let’s take a look at some of the subtopics for discussion.

First, are public schools beneficial for all children?  The majority may agree with this statement.  Just imagine if there were no public schools or we had no other choice but to send children to private schools or educate them at home.  There would be an enormous amount of educators who would find themselves without careers.  Then who would educate our children?  It would be a possibility that a lot of parents would have to consider educating themselves in order for their children to be scholastically successful.  Various avenues come to mind when it is so important to educate our children; especially in times like these where there are several issues that may affect any one of us; such as unemployment, lack of jobs (in certain fields), homelessness, poverty, lack of adequate housing and etc………Then just to say the words “private schools”, is debatable and can carry on for days without any solid resolutions.  Why?   Private schools seem to have been created or established for specific socioeconomic classes.  Opinionated?  Let’s see.  Remember most public schools are what; free.   We all are pretty much aware that our children are not going to private schools for free.   Private schools are “set in stone” for the middle to upper class societies.  Is this a fair development for all of our children?  My personal experience with private schools, I have found that private schools are more advanced then our public schools.  My attendance at one private school showed that, at the time, I started in fourth grade and graduated from the eight grade.  I then transferred to a public school to begin my junior to senior years.  Once in public school I noticed that my scholastic achievements in private school seem to have accelerated my educational level to the point where I was approximately one and half to two levels ahead or more advance than my eight grade peers.  

I would like to hear other thoughts on these topics including I will continue to post valuable information, my experiences, articles, and other information related to this.

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    1. Congratulation @pywilliams1967 for your first blog-post. Will be checking your article. 🙂

    2. That would depend on what part of the world are you situated in. In my country, even those who do not belong to the middle or upper class can go to private school. Our government has provided programs that supports them like giving free education through scholarships. I am also a parent and for me it is best for my children to send them to private schools because of the more advanced teachings and facilities provided by the school compared to a public school. That would also mean an edge for them when they graduated and compete with others for a certain job positions.

      • Hello Emelaine. I am so glad that you gave me additional information on this topic. Yes it definitely would depend on which part of the world you are situated. Luckily I have had various experiences especially in my family. There are those in my family who are Japanese and some may agree that the Japanese are so much more ahead of Americans. I hear that they attend high school much longer than Americans do, in addition to having math skills that most would not begin to comprehend. Anywho! As my psych instructor use to say; again private schools are so much more beneficial but unfortunately not everyone gets the opportunity to attend. Thanks again.

    3. Mikel said on May 1, 2016

      This is how it should. in my views, education should be free for every individuals at all level, with clause that the student should serve his or her country. in this way countries will flourish and hence the entire world would change in a positive manner. human resources are the most important assets to build an economy, and hence developing them is the most important part of every government budget throughout the globe.

    4. in our country, there are 3 types of school:
      government schools
      private schools
      international schools

      Only government schools are subsidized by the government, the rest, parents have to fork out money to pay for everything.

      We parents are often being blood sucked by them!

    5. I have no experience with private schools, but I do have both public and independent school experience. And I have homeschooled my kids for a period of more than six years.

      I find that most public schools are too crowded and underfunded. There are some great teachers, and even some outstanding administrators. But they can’t get blood from a stone. Unless a student is achieving well more or less independently, public school will be a struggle. And if a student is not challenged enough, many public schools will not be equipped to serve her needs.

      Independent schools often have all the benefits of a private school, but without the price tag. My youngest attends a school of just 40 students in preschool through grade 7. She has a class of 16 for grade 6/7, and a most devoted and engaging teacher! The school offers so much that a public school cannot. We love it!

      As for homeschooling, please don’t think parents need a degree in education! Most of what kids learn in school the parents already know – after all, we did graduate high school ourselves!

    6. I am an elementary school principal. We have only two options for the learners to select their mode of study, that is, either in the private or in the public. Our Department of Education has not formally instituted this home study type of education. Instead, the DepEd has introduced the Alternative Learning System which is a modular type of study supervised by a instructional manager who under contract with the DepEd.

    7. I think it depends on the child. Where you have a child who is interested in other children and not particularly academic, then public school is the way, unless the schools around you are rubbish and you have a lot of money.

      Homeschooling is very good for the child that has trouble mixing. It is no sense to give the child two traumas, that is being with other children and trying to learn.

    8. I got my entire formal education in public schools and universities between 1948 and 1965 in the state of California. Back then California public schools had pretty good reputation, and I enjoyed my high school and college years. I did not enjoy elementary schools much.

      Later I taught in both public and private schools. My own children started in public schools, but by the 1980’s public schools were so bad in my area I had to move the children to faith-based private schools.

      I can assure you that these were not just for the elites. Most parents were not the least bit wealthy. At the end I finally brought the children home so I could teach them myself. I can assure you that my degrees and credentials made no difference in what and how I taught them. I know many homeschooling moms who do not have my education and still educate their children at home. Many of their children who wanted to go to college were accepted and graduated from college. Others elected to just start successful businesses.

      Since I have a lot to say about this subject, I will write the rest in a separate post.


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