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Saving Money: Price Comparison Pays Off!

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If you take the extra minute or two, to compare prices online – you could save yourself some money. For instances this afternoon – my fiancĂ© and I needed to purchase printer ink for our printer since we are running low on black ink.

First, I had to research our printer online to see what kind of ink we needed to purchase. You do not want to get to the store and not know what printer you have or what ink you need (that would be a waste of time). Then, I compared the ink prices online. The stores nearby such as: Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Best Buy were selling for $16.99. The store I plan on purchasing from is selling the ink for $17.99, however online at Amazon, it is only $13.50! That is a $4.49 price difference and what is great is that the store I’m going to (Staples) has a 100% price match guarantee policy where they will be happy to price match competitors plus an additional 10% price difference, so that is an additional $0.45 cents, total savings $4.94!

Some other reasons why I go to Staples:

  • I am a free rewards member and get a percentage back on all my purchases I spend there.
  • Since I purchase ink frequently, I can recycle empty ink cartridges and get $2 back per each one, max of 10 per month which I do not have that much but it is better than nothing and also recycling.
  • Staples has good on-going sales and clearance. Last month I scored an incredible deal on napkins and tissues!
  • Plus Staples is conveniently located near places I frequently shop at.
  • Lastly, you can price match with competitors and also get a 10% price difference off, so thats essentially 110% price match guaranteed savings is what they have on their deduction on the receipt.
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