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Road Rage: Be Calm When Driving

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If you drive, do you have road rage? And, even if you do not drive but as a witness, do you also have road rage? Road rage is very dangerous and not a good feature to have – it is best to be calm and in a cool situation when road rage occurs but it is sometimes hard to control our emotions especially if it was not our fault or sometimes purposely done on.

On the way home today, I was driving the speed limit and it is rather dark (at night obviously) and there are a lot of bump and stop signs so I did my complete stop. However, I notice the car behind me going very close and it was annoying me and I am sure the car wanted me to go faster but no – I will not break the law because the car is going close to me. But some people who are in that position may add to it and break check the car behind but there is no point because it is not safe to do so at night. At times like that I wish their was a cop around to pull the car over.

There are some incidents where I have road rage, and am upset at the way other drives and I will honk, I have also flicked people off, or cursed too because some do not simply know how to drive. But I try to be *calm* if I can because if you add to it and the person knows they think they won and sometimes they enjoy the show. Plus now a days many have dash cameras or like to post stuff on social media so I think it is best to not contribute to their nonsense.

Being a passenger, you could have road rage also. I see that many who are passengers and see you are a single driver (with no one) they tend to pick on people sometimes too.

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