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Risk raises fear, but also gives new colors for our happiness
March 21, 2017

One of the greatest paradoxes of life – happiness lies where we do not think or do not dare to look for. In fact, we usually at all costs avoid things providing happiness – they are risky, unpleasant and sometimes cause negative feelings. However, they are necessary if you want to win trophy.  To be happy – probably the most popular desire, which was conceived by blowing birthday candles or looking at the falling star in the sky. We all desire happiness and this desire is even stronger than the desire to live a meaningful life. Yes, people all around the word think that happiness is more important than a meaningful life, the being a rich man, or even access the paradise.

Given the proven advantages of happiness research, so it is not surprising exaltation. Happiness has a twofold effect – it not only gives positive emotions, but also helps to pick laurels elsewhere: happy people earn more, are healthier, supports closer ties are more creative, they are doing more and more. Unfortunately, happiness is not easily accessible, and it leads to the most personality-genetic factors. Unfortunately, happiness is not easily accessible, and it most depends on personality-genetic factors.

Yes, sometimes we really feel euphoric, but soon again return to the starting point, like inside we have the thermostat of the happiness, setting limits of this feeling. However, true happiness is more than positive emotions. This is a way of thinking, some kind of expectations, ideals and reconciliation what is impossible to change, and many other factors arithmetic. And we ourselves can affect it.

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No matter how is set your happiness thermostat, by changing your daily habits you can change its indicators. These habits are not what you could expect searching for happiness. It is only the result, the finish’s line, to which we must overcome not always an easy path. But if you are happy, you will walk this way.

Happy people know the taste of risk, they are not afraid to experiment. And although the risk is not similar to happiness – after all, there lies the uncertainty and fear – till happiness is not so far. Many do not like to take risks and are afraid of innovation, believing that what they have is the best choice. Maybe it is true, but it still prevents wider opportunities, and possibly better decisions and stronger feelings.

Happy people intuitively know that happiness does not always bring things you love and what is usual for you. Sometimes it is necessary to go beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, deducing something uncomfortable, initially frightening, so that later you would be rewarded with positive emotion.  Put simply, happy people are curious.

The most satisfaction with their life feels those people who felt curious and tried something new.

Moreover, they were constantly engaged in activities that caused a discomfort, but eventually it pays off with a vengeance. Curious people are ready for the unknown fear and realize that this is not the easiest, but straight way to become stronger and wiser.

Of course, it needs to be curious thoughtfully, not risking in all areas of life. However, we should more often dare to go beyond our comfort zone and look around at what is behind it. Try new things, where the risk is not high. While talking with people, try to stay open and not to judge others, even if their opinions or views are contrary to yours. Try to look at the situation with the other person’s eyes and find positive sides. Open the door to innovations, do not try to control everything and resist.  Twenty years later, I am sure we will more regret for the things that we have not tried, but not for things that we have tried even if did not like them.


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    1. I do not agree with that, though you have good post here in literacebse,but this one risk bring happy housr , is not somehtni gthat i agree with, its not really what make you sad or happy and what bring happy life to your, it is not you if you live and like happy and sad, risks or anything thathurts

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