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November 28, 2017
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Use this section to research each medication you are currently taking for a CNS

Disorder or for any other medical conditions. For each medication, answer each of the

seven questions below to determine what possible obstacles you may need to

overcome after you begin the Truehope Program.

Completing this step will assist you and your personal support

people in identifying Adverse Drug Reactions, Initial Withdrawal, Protracted Withdrawal,

and Drug Flashbacks (see the “Definitions” section of this booklet).

Note: If you are not currently medicated, but have been in the past, answer only

questions 1 to 3 to learn about the possibility (if any) for drug flashbacks.

  1. According to the manufacturers information, what is the name of this drug, what

family of medication does this drug belong to?

  1. What are the common, and uncommon side effects of using this drug?
  2. What side effects have I experienced?
  3. What are the signs of overmedication or over dose of this drug?
  4. What are the signs of withdrawal?
  5. How does the manufacturer recommend that this drug be reduced and


  1. Does this drug have the potential to create protracted withdrawal (i.e.:

antipsychotics, benzodiazapines, etc.)?



If you are taking a prescribed medication from your medical practitioner, we

encourage you to complete the above steps of this write up and consult with your

attending physician. Your TA will be able to offer you information based on other

participants’ successes and failures on the program. We have learned from our

research and experience that psychotropic medications should be systematically

reduced as the supplements begin to work. You may be referred back to your doctor if

the symptoms of drug flashback, withdrawal and / or protracted withdrawal become

severe. Our support staff members are not physicians or pharmacists and have not

been trained in prescribing medication. Rather, they are there to report issues and inform users of new discoveries in the medical field from us.

This information here might not be what you need so do well to check for other useful helps wherever you can find such.

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