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Enemies become afraid of your progresses in life. Some enemies see far into your future progresses by your speed of progress and plan to hinder or inhibit them from being actualized. Out of envy and jealousy they want to stop the future progresses you will want to make. There are people whom God has blessed beyond others. Hence, King Balak expressed fear and doom if the Israelites reach Moab and Midian.
You should be on the watch out for enemies with the spirit of King Balak. Be mindful of uncles, aunts and immediate greedy family members and relations from father’s side, mother’s side or both. They can go into conspiracy against you. Enemies become afraid of your marriage because, soon your offsprings will start coming. This means blessing, success, progress and expansion for you. In their greed they can employ any means to stop you from having children. If they succeed in doing this, they start scrambling for your acquired property even when you are alive.
So, they can contribute money to erect evil altars and pay their masters-diviners ,sorcerers, shadow trappers, footprint packers, thieves of your personal effects, enchanters, witches, wizards and erectors of evil foundations. This chain of evil men and women offer sacrifices upon evil altars, invoking the wrath of the water spirits, land spirits and air spirits against their victims. At the evil altars, victim’s names and properties are negatively dedicated to the powers of darkness to torment their victims, depriving them of procreation and inflicting impotence and barrenness. Also they can tie their victim’s successes including procreation, finances, promotions, breakthroughs, connections, directions, helpers etc.
Prayer less men and women may look healthy, conduct biological tests, and employ all sorts of physical measures, yet not having children. The trouble can be spiritually tied. They may remain barren or impotent as a result of enemy’s wickedness if they do not take the spiritual road of deliverance. Sometimes, the evil men and women may pretend to offer help, proffering solutions by directly taking their victims to their evil masters who are really in charge of their predicament. Childless couples instead of being pulled out of their troubles, get in “neck deep” into more problems. Beware!

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