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Quotes by Famous People: Henry David Thoreau ~ Agree or Disagree
September 29, 2016
thoreau quote_Quotes by Famous People: Henry David Thoreau ~ Agree or Disagree

Henry David Thoreau is an American writer. Had to study his writings in high school as part of our American literature class. His life was pretty much uneventful. Born in Massachusetts, attended Harvard College*, lived in a place called Walden’s Pond, wrote a lot of stuff. One significant bio fact is that he was “a devoted abolitionist until the end of his life” and stepped up to the plate to defend John Brown, who was still hung for his abolitionist activities despite the objections of those who supported his efforts. He died of a disease and of course, after his death, everybody decided he was a man to be praised. Posthumously, he was paid wonderful compliments such as “an original thinker”.


Source for quotes in preceding paragraph:



So here is one of his quotes, not found in the bio article referenced, but elsewhere on the Internet because people love to publish quotes famous people.


Henry David Thoreau once said:

~ “It takes two to speak the truth; one to speak and another to hear.”



Agree or disagree.   I disagree.


It only takes one to speak or write or communicate the truth and that person doesn’t even have to believe what they’re saying! The truth stands on its own. Hearing it or believing it will not make any less the truth.”


You can quote me on that.  🙂



* Trivia about Harvard College. This historical and respected institution of higher learning was named for John Harvard (1607 – 1638), a Puritan minister who died and left half of his estate to the college, along with his library of books. It was recognized as Harvard University in 1780. Even though the first graduating class in 1642 only had nine (9) students, as of 2016 the university boasts many well-known alumni such as:


~ Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, who has a distinguished career in the field of science but most probably recognize him because he hosted a few TV shows about science and the cosmos; and


~ President Barack Obama, who served as “the first black president of the Harvard Law Review in the spring of 1990”, before serving as the first black president of the United States of America.


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    1. I really don’t know: you mean, if the speaker tells his word, truth or not,and the listener believe it, it will always be true. Because the listener will ratify the words of the speaker. But what if the listener disagree. Lets say the speaker tells the truth and then the listener do nut believe; does that mean the there was no truthfulness in the words of the speaker.

      Hmm, there might be a reason why David quote this.

    2. I strongly disagree and my reason is this: Firstly, communication is a two-way process; give and take of communication where one serves as speaker and the other one listener. Each one must refute each other about a particular issue and vise-versa. Each must have their proofs to prove what they say are true.If the other one cannot prove, therefore, he losses the argument.


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