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Pull yourself out of depression!
July 10, 2016
Pull yourself out of depression!



Depression is a big deal.  Oh it can be diagnosed and treated with medication, but to the human eye we can’t see it.  It doesn’t have a rash, or seen symptoms.  You can’t just look at someone and say oh yeah look they’ve got depression.  When you are going through it you go from things being good to just being okay.  You find that hanging out with your friends or going to see a movie just doesn’t sound good anymore so you stay home.  Social life diminishes and time alone increases.  The longer it goes on the more you disappear, not even talking with anyone about what is bothering you. Physically you are worn down, tired and mood swings are a given.  You become angry, judgmental and hurtful to protect people from invading your space that you’ve created.


Why do people get depression?

That being said I think that when something bad happens to bring on the depression you have to feel it. You have to feel the hurt and the pain of what went wrong. Oh I know it is not easy but if you don’t deal with those feelings you don’t ever let them go.  How will you ever learn the entire lesson if you don’t deal with it all the way through?  So you cry, scream, slam pillows off the bed, or whatever you have to do in order to feel it and get rid of it.


What to do when you are depressed?

I understand depression because I went through it once when my aneurysm rupture, then again later for a relationship gone wrong.  Got pretty deep in it as well and went to some dark places to explore it. I suppose that I still have some of it, but I have worked my way through and past much of it I will continue to do that until my soul is free from it. So this is what I did. You see when you begin to unravel the problem you will always find that the root of it begins with…you.  Again I will touch on the fact that hurt and grieving are part of a lesson that you have to learn, so for awhile feel it and heal it.  If you are the one that is hanging onto it, then whatever IT is has to go.  Every single day you have to make yourself get up and do a little bit more than what you did yesterday.  If you stopped cleaning the house like you used to for instance, then make a routine where you begin again to do that.  If you stopped going out, then you have to start getting out.  You could go for a walk, go fishing, go hiking whatever your hobbies are that get you out there.  You say hello how are you to every person that makes eye contact and when you do you say it with a smile on your face.  There is no better feeling that acknowledging someone when they look at you, they like it and it gives you a good feeling.  At the end of the day think about what made you feel a little better and double up on that tomorrow.  Open your curtains play some music and shake your booty….ok you can keep them closed if you wanna shake it without window peepers watching. J Reclaim you heart and empty your soul of the bad.  Get back to realizing that every day that you pass up pouting is just another day that you lost. So stop it. If it is not something that directly affects your life day to day then let it go.  It is your life, right? You want to be happy, don’t you? Eleanor Roosevelt said “Find out who you are and do it on purpose,” works perfectly on getting past a bad situation besides we have enough bad in our world today and we are all in terrible need of one another. Pull yourself together and begin to move forward with positive thoughts out of the darkness of depression.  We all need to feel positive people around us, and I want you to be one of them!


                                 If you or someone you know is in crisis with depression or suicide call the national suicide hotline now at 1-800-273-8255. We are all human, and yes we all matter.

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Remember I am a brain aneurysm survivor, if you are or if you know someone who has suffered from a brain aneurysm or AVM send them over to Facebook and look us up at https://www.facebook.com/groups/BAAVMCT/  .  Tell them Patti Jo sent you!


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    1. There are so many stressors that make people fall into depression. It can be acquired or inherited. The most important thing is to deal with it as early as possible. Severe cases can never be treated once a person ends his or her life without receiving any help.

      • I agree the most important part of it is calling for help picking up a phone, counting on friends/family. Nobody want to loose you and those who are in a depression need to realize that you are not alone…not ever. Seeking treatment can save your life. Thanks Shavkat!

    2. @Patti jo I have watched my niece getting into depression. Her marriage caused it. But luckily she had the right treatment. I say treatment as she is on some pill that helps her move on in life and I must say she is doing good.

      • Sorry to hear about your niece having to go through that, it was actually what I went through as well and it was tuff, meds do help. The one thing that helped me the most was realizing my self esteem was horribly low, kind of like why wasn’t I good enough. Reality is while I might have made mistakes, man I certainly did not deserve what this jack wagon handed me. Truth be told he wasn’t good enough for me! Best wishes to her hope she can feel that way real soon!

    3. It is true. Especially facing the Monday blue, heh!

    4. Love that quote!

    5. I have traced the real cause of depression and pondered and pondered over it a couple of days and night add conclude that the prime cause of depression is man’s negative thoughts remain an any shape in our conscious and subconscious.

      It remain in our mind in the semblance of evil images are poured into our innocent and holy minds by Satan the enemy of all human beings. First false negative thought appear on our mind screen and after this they get a solid shape of desire after this we think how to fulfill our desires in practical life.

      When we have no way see its fulfillment in practical life. Our brain depressed anon and along with it terror enters into our soul and spreads in the whole blood via arteries and veins.

      To avoid depression, do not stuff vain thoughts to which I call negative thought male our life charmless but harm full 24 hours.


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