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Popcorn time – great program to watch online movies for free

Popcorn time – great program to watch online movies for free

Let me introduce this program to you. Its called Popcorn time, and it is definitely among the best programs out there that offer free service and broadcast thousands of popular movies while all that with language subtitles and HD resolution (720 and 1080p).

What you need to do is to open your web browser (Chrome,Mozila,Opera, whatever..) and go to google.com.
Once you are there, type: popcorn time and then press the first link which says PopCorn Time – Watch movies and TV shows instantly. (Here is a photo to make it clear for you which link you need to open.)

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Once you are there, you will see their front page, and something like in this second pic. What you need to press is “Download Beta 5.6.1”. Boom your app starts downloading, and after you finish downloading you will have to install it in your computer somewhere.


NOTE: (minimum requirements for this program are: Windows XP or above)

Now when you finally install the program, an icon of the program PopCorn Time should appear on your desktop and you should press it to open the program.

Congratulations! You successfully installed and opened the program, now you want to navigate and find a movie to watch? No problem.

On the left bar you have every movie genre and you can pick whatever you want so the program will show you the latest and most popular movies in each genre.


But if you already picked a movie, you should press on the right top button that says “search”: And type your desired movie name.

When you finally find your movie, press on it and something like this should appear:

Then you just pick your desired resolution, or what the program already offers (keep in mind NO LESS than 720p, which is why I love this program, either way you get HD) and press “WATCH NOW”

Congratulations! Movie starts downloading and when it reaches 100% (should be maximum 10 minutes) you are free to go and watch the movie. Enjoy!




Also, as you can see there are not only movies there. There are many TV shows and anime offered as well.

    1. I saw the word “popcorn” and came running over. 🙂

    2. Kumar said on May 7, 2017

      Thanks for sharing the information… Seems like the Videos are of HD quality… One can enjoy Hollywood movies and TV programs happily on this site.
      Good to see none of the Indian movies are available… 🙂

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