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Poetry and the Many Discoveries
October 14, 2017

Have I (Tanikka Paulk) considered myself a “poet” of course? I’ve written many poetic pieces and I’ve been published. Some may not consider the expressive words which flow about as poetic but there are some who can instantly recognize a poet. The style, the gift, the creativity. There are some who are quite envious of poets. Not understanding where the words are developed from. Some never take the time out to understand a poet. For some they’ve tried to destroy the poetic gift.

Poetry is a discovery of expressive words and some of which comes from experiences and others from views indoor or outdoor. A poet is an important piece to many puzzles. No one can really know what a poet can project. There’s so many ways to place the words on paper or on technological devices. Poets continue to discover creative ways to be expressive. There’s a need to have poets in certain environments. Not every person will appreciate what poets have.

Here’s Some of my Expressions¬†

Acknowledgement of the Day

Can so many continue to drive my creativity away?

Of course they’re continuously trying but will the persons be accomplished with their efforts?

Probably not

I’m a founder of what some may not understand

There are so many who continuously want to stop the hand

What has been offered so many have tried to duplicate

My calling hasn’t been chosen by man

It’s of importance and so many try to command

What some think they see may not actually be

My progress continues because I’m confident enough to understand my reality

While so many are busy trying to disrupt

I’m continuing to go up, up, up!

They may think they’re aware of my destination

Not too long I’m going to be in a new revelation


I’m a Poet Yes Indeed

Poetry has been around for so long

I’m written many pieces and continue to do so

No matter how many may disagree

The poetry was instilled in me(Tanikka Paulk)

What some refuse to accept

God already did and Jesus weap

The smile continues as my work is placed on a canvas

The title which some have discovered also includes poet

Just take a look around and some of my work will certainly be found

There are some who may not comprehend just what was given

The words expressed in so many ways

The chosen and selection of fragments dissected by the

The continuous expressions which shall never leave

I’m blessed to be able to jot the expressions down

The proof will forever be around


Blessed Today and Always

Oh what blessings occurring

They’re continuously pouring in

Some may not see them but they’re here

There will gatherings beyond belief

There’s breakthroughs waiting for Tiki

My smiles continue to be seen

No matter how many are oh so mean

My blessings will continue

They’ve been stored up by God

The challenges I’ve faced certainly haven’t displaced

The wave of my hand and the praise which is observed by the Almighty

I’m as free as the bird in the sky

Even through the many mistakes I’ve been chosen to be oh so great


Poetic Pieces are Written by: (Tanikka Paulk) The Poetry Belongs to (tanikka paulk)

The Poet Below

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    1. Poet is an important person in any society because it the poet in which brain live angels in shape of good ideas but a few people know this secret and on the other hand, good angles uplift human brain power to grand ideas and grand ideas invent grand words for poetry that is why a poet thinks differently than laymen.

      Those who make poetry on the basis of words may improvise great and grand poetry the person who has great and grand ideas may write grand poetry for the coming generation as our forefathers have don this job in olden days.

      Poets do not discover words but the poets’ grand ideas trace the words for their grad concepts. On earth there are a few people who have grand ideas for self and fellow beings living any where on earth because good angels live in their brain and they guide the poet how to join words for poetry is the secret unknown to all. JH Sayyar


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