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Poetic Expressions by: Tiki (Tanikka Paulk)

The Journey Continues

My journey certainly isn’t for everyone

There are some who simply shouldn’t come

Some aren’t welcomed because of their ways

There are some who just don’t understand exactly where Tiki is coming from

Too many try to be like me=(Tanikka Paulk)

Why can’t my gifts be shown freely?

No need to try and cause a cease

Too blessed to be released from the position that was given by God

Oh how so many can’t stand to see “growth”

For some they’ll just never know


No Time for Childish Games

No, no, no! Not going to give in to their childish ways

Trying to go where I’m going just won’t do

We all are given our own gifts to pursue

Why choose to do what I’m doing?

There should be joy surrounded by the elevation

For some they’ll continue to face adversities because they keep trying to attack me=(Tanikka Paulk)


Moving on Ahead With Peacefulness Within

So I’m continuing to move along and continuing to be oh so strong

Oh yes the challenges will come

No amount of adversities will cause that visionary to cease

There’s way too many who can’t handle having to follow

Even the Greats will have to follow at some point

There are the ones who can Lead and some who aren’t too pleased with their “Leadership.”

For some they’ll never gain the knowledge to be on top because of their cocky ways

Believe (Tanikka Paulk) will and that’s what I’m doing today.


Poet/Author’s Notes: Do not become discouraged when so many try to sabotage the journey. Unfortunately there’s so many who aren’t secure enough to just follow their own dreams. Too many end up tagging along on journey’s they shouldn’t be on. So many end up losing their inspiration because of what so many will do and have done. “be Determined and Continue to Incur the Blessings. Rises Should Occur.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“Poetry at It’s Best” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially



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    1. a story known all to well by many. great analysis


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