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Please Do Not Fall For Electronic Scams Online!
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Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.11.30 PM

If a product online especially from a third party seller looks and sounds too good to be true (price wise) – do not fall for it. It is a scam and in the end you will be wasting your time. I do not understand how people trust so easily.

Yesterday – I had a person reach out wanting to buy a phone I had for sale. I listed the phone for $335 and they asked if I would take $250 which I rejected and told them I will meet them in the middle at $275. However, immediately after responding, I checked their profile and their reviews seems so fishy – I told them never mind because their account is fishy and I do not want to be scammed. The reviews they received were from a seller that has all fake electronics like headphones, earbuds….

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If you see a brand new pair of Beats by Dre that usually retail for $300 for just $150 and the seller is not selling just one pair but over one hundred pairs. Please stop and think to yourself on “why” does this seller have so many pairs? Can all these pairs be legitimate? Well chances are it is fake and some may not know, but who in the world owns and has over one hundred pairs? Plus stop and read the reviews, many reported they are fake so why do people support such product? Wait until the product goes on sale and get the real thing. Spending $150 on a fake pair of headphones is not reasonable. My fiancé and I have the same brand headphones and though they are expensive, we sure did not spend retail but we know we got them legitimate because we bought them in the stores.  I do not get people wanting to support fake, knock off brands.

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