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Pizza was made Incorrectly – What do you do?
April 26, 2017

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This afternoon after running a bunch of errands, my fiancé and I were hungry. We settled for pizza, breadsticks and some wings. I placed our order conveniently on my phone for pick up. Twenty minutes later, we arrived to pick up our pizza and upon picking it up – the pizza was not ready yet. I was waiting in line to pay and saw the employee (who is also the manager when I read his badge) grab some cheese and sprinkle it on top of already prepared breadsticks. Why? He was puzzled that my order called out for cheese sticks but in front of him was just regular breadsticks. Instead of making me new cheese sticks – he just modified the breadsticks. I was very disappointed because cheese sticks are my favorite and not to mention he forgot to include the marinara sauce so I had to ask him for it. It was disappointing that he is called a manager if he cannot get a simply pizza order correctly. Not to mention the crust is incorrect too. Yes, I had a discount coupon for the meal because I am a loyal customer but that is just too many mistakes. There was no point in speaking up if he is the “manager” on duty. Employees and managers who work at a place like pizza where all orders are customized, personalized should pay better attention to peoples orders.

What do you generally do when people get your order wrong? It depends on the restaurant, type of food, and place. Sometimes I do speak up and instead of getting it fixed – I would ask for my money back. Sometimes, I mention it after I eat it (deal with it) and get a discount. Or sometimes, I would just not say anything, pay for the meal then never come back. Sometimes I will leave a bad Yelp review. But usually, I will give the place I had poor ability to fulfill my personalized meal another chance and if it is horrible again, I will never return back!

Note: The photo belongs to me but it’s not the wrong pizza.

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    1. It depends on how badly they messed up the order. 😀 It also depends on whether or not it’s a regular occurrence. I assume that if you became a loyal customer, screw ups could not have happened that often. 🙂 Some days people have what’s called “off days”. It could have been the manager was just having a bad day. After all, people have a life that’s separate from their job. Sometimes those problems “spill over” and affect job performance. We all have bad days. Well! Most of us have bad days. I would just point out to the manager that I am a loyal customer and I’ve gotten used to purchasing quality products from their establishment. However, if I get poor service again, I may be tempted to find another establishment to give my business to. All managers understand you when you speak to them politely in the language of “dollars and cents”. 🙂

      • The person working on my order was the manager. And that same manager messed up my order last time also. I always give them the benefit of the doubt because you’re right we have “off days” or sometimes its just not our day! But being a loyal customer it is disappointing. I feel that lately where I have been going and being a loyal customer – I am getting poor service not good service anymore.


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