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People Who Can Not Say; “Sorry”

I wrote an item about those who can admit they are wrong.  This, of course, reflects well on those who can admit it.  Those who can say; “I was wrong”.

People who can say they were wrong have the magic wand of being able to apologise.

There are people who can not apologise.  You might as well ask for their blood.  The inability to simply admit fault will never happen.

Take this example;

I don’t have any kind of ‘smart phone’.  Therefore all email goes to my computer.  I don’t know if you emailed me or not, until I log on.    This means that I am not ignoring you.  This means I am off-line.   Explaining I am off line should, of course, promote apologies for accusing me of ignoring you.

By not apologising one just leaves the ‘gap’.

I have been attacked for ignoring you.  I have explained.  Now it is for you to say sorry.  If you can’t say sorry?

Imagine how one feels when  insulted, annoyed, being accused but really, not having committed an offense. The offender should say the sorry instead of barreling on as if nothing happened.

Of course they don’t.

No matter how many times one makes these false accusations, they never learn from them, never stop themselves from perpetuation.

I have found in life, just admitting wrong, just saying sorry, is often sufficient to repair a relationship.  People make mistakes.  People confuse one person with another, may make a mistake with the date or time.  Just by admitting fault and expressing their regret, allows relationships to continue.

There is no shame in being wrong.  You are imperfect.

Yes, it is embarrassing, but, embarrassment is nothing compared to be discarded.   To having someone cut you off and forget you are alive.    Embarrassment can lead to a clever anecdote over dinner.   Being cut off only leads to sadness and nothing you want to share over a meal.

I find so many people are afraid to say sorry.

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    1. And I am and my husband one of them. We both don’t say sorry when we realize our mistake. Although, we would hug to make up for the non-existent sorry.

      Yes, I would nag him and accuse him too when he didn’t answer my call. I would text him nagging words also.

      And when he arrives home, he would explain and show to me his phone – drained. I would feel ashamed of myself, but won’t say sorry. I would hug him instead.

      I think we understand each other when we are sorry because we both would hug instead of say the very difficult word sorry.

      • It is the same thing here. With communications. It is like it is a leash. Sometimes I slip the leash.


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