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People Behavior Of Others And The Society Is At Risk But One Has To Be Real

Some times people are dead but their character still live and sometimes people lived but their character are dead.One has to be who he want to be not what society want you to be fighting with someone that does make you famous but fighting yourself and your determination makes you who you are.Your future is in your own hands dropping it your own headache and holding firm to to it is for you and the society sometimes your way of life define who you are and can predict your future if you let it be.

Sometimes society can let you fail if you give them the chance to do what they want into your life and take what all the valuable things out and leaving you with nothing then you what to start from zero again and again simple because of disappointed with yourself and you try to put all the blame on others for not doing this and that forget you are the main player here.

You have to start from somewhere to somewhere before you can now get to know that you are almost making it in life dont have to listened  the negative things society say about you but listened to the positive and motivation others gives you and have a self determination in you yourself.

Running away from your fear does make you safe and free you have to stand and face it and dont let it take all over dont be too self determine to face it when you are not prepared for it simple because you can make it worse than you can think it can be and it will never will be okay again simple because it has taken all over you and gone inside you it will even now take control of you fear is something that should make us more strong  and prepared but not to make us lose hope in yourself.

We all have a dream and a dream is just a dream until you work strong towards it and never give up on it fighting it and you will get it done and siting at one place does not make it what you think it is.

The passion you have in you should up that dream not to  quit it and the challenges you have are all part of life for you to get and make yourself strong but not to turn your back on it and say am quitting from that. dont be too big to ask for advise from your juniors sometimes they hold the ideas and you have the foresight to see it go for it and ask for direction on how get started on it but not how to end on it.

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