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Part 3: So, should you RISK writing for Travelicious?
August 22, 2016

Disclaimer: All words written here are my own. Nobody (not even Travelicious) persuaded me to write in this manner. I am just telling my firsthand experience with the site to hopefully clarify all doubts and whatnots about it.

This is the third and the last (I think) part of the Travelicious series and I am hoping to cover the reason that led me to the decision to take the risk. I am not saying that you HAVE to do the same as I did but at least, consider it for your own situation.

We all try to find a legit paying website to earn money. Some of us may purely rely on these sites to get us through so to think of spending just a bit of money is a crazy idea.

The initial idea behind Travelicious is that it pays you to write 1000-word travel article in exchange of A$40. However, during the application process, it also tells you that you need to pay for roughly $12 so you can buy your own domain. And yes, it is mandatory to do so to proceed to the application.

Looking at it from a perspective, nobody wants to spend money FIRST before getting paid. Heck, I didn’t want to either. And that was the reason why it took me a couple of days before I made the final decision to go for it. But then, if I was thinking that way, what made me change the decision?

I did a bit of research and so far, all the reviews tell me one thing: Travelicious pays for the FIRST article quickly. So it is also tantamount that if I go through the entire thing (ie buy a domain and write an article), I will receive payment for it. Probably not the entire A$40 as I initially expected but I still receive a form of compensation.

Apart from getting enough money to cover the domain expenses, I still earn “some money” in exchange for the 1000-word article I send as my first contribution to Travelicious. So if I get a PAID domain for the entire year and then get paid roughly A$25 for a 1000-word travel article (even if it was a one-off), is it still a loss? I think not.

My future with Travelicious is unknown. I am not sure whether I’ll qualify to get more writing assignments or even keep my blog updated. But one thing is for certain: I earned something through Travelicious easily.

For now, I intend to use the paid domain as much as I can as it has been paid for anyway. There’s nothing to lose (IMO) and if I can find “better” writing opportunities through this, then it is great! But if I don’t, then I can make the appropriate decision once it is time for my domain to expire. I have a year to worry about that anyway!

I’d be happy to answer any more questions about the Travelicious experience. Also, feel free to drop by my freshly created travel and food blog.

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    1. Hey, if you get a second chance to write for Travelicious please let us know.

    2. What I came to know is that there are some sites which are living by selling the domain . I think you will not receive any second opportunity to write. This is over. Be happy with what you got. Just now I visited the site. The Articles are good. I do not know how much effort they had made. Really sad ..why the writers are being exploited both physically, mentally, and financial.
      It is nothing but purchasing a trouble with our hard earned money.

    3. The site you are telling the readers is the that sells domain name to earn money I also visited the site and read the articles were all good and I think the writer means to join the site but sivasubrahmanyam has rightly said that the writers are being exploited mentally and financially.

    4. To travel is very important because they is a part of education like travel but in don’t travel for traveling sake, is better not to travel and than to travel and risk your life, when you want to travel you have to make a good budget of money because travel requires money a lots, it is a risk to budget little and plan to
      travel Distance, travel when you went with money you it be came sweet but without money is embrass and shameful, mean while you will not be comfortable in your movement.

      • You should have, at least, read the blog before reeling out your comments. I’m not proud to see that you really spoke off point.

    5. Sometimes, we have to try such things and it is worthwhile to explore such sites, and learn more about the world of Online writing.

    6. any luck selling a second article? I just sold my first to them

    7. I am thinking about giving it a try, as soon as I get the 12 dollars.

    8. How much time does it take the waiting for a response and confirmation from the Writers agency team once your blog is ready to use? Because I created my blog yesterday and to be honest I felt kinda worried so I came here thanks to google and my research 🤷🏻‍♀️ Haha, I haven’t recieved an approval yet so I can’t begin the writing stuff.
      Trust me, I felt a little skeptical with the whole process (paying the $12 before getting money) but really, I’m still waiting for the answer.

    9. Hello I have been trying to create a blog but to no success can someone assist with this?

      • Hello, pal, I already created mine and got it approved, however, I haven’t had time to write my 1st article yet. So, as long as you follow the instructions listed at writers academy website you should be fine. Do you have any specific questions?

    10. i am still building my blog its soooo hectic i am waiting to finish it up and start writing. i think all of here need to stay in touch and keep each other updated. i read the comments i think even if we dont get paid the second time it will be an experience and something to learn plus we could use the blog for writing our own stuff attract audience and get paid by google. its a win win situation even if travelicious doesn’t pay after the first article. lol

    11. Hi. I went through the whole process to get a domain and even a WordPress blog. But I got an email asking me to wait for my domain to be manually reviewed. It’s been two weeks. Should I be worried? I really want this travelicious job

    12. Rene said on May 26, 2017

      I’m slightly confused about all this.. Some advice would be amazing… Once I have set up my blog with WordPress ..how do I then connect it with travelicious?

    13. Hello – I’m looking into this & already have a website domain etc set up, is this possible to use then? It’s alltravelnofilter.com

      I’m finishing a South America trip with so much to write but just never got around to it whilst enjoying my trip; any ideas?? 🙂 thanks for any feedback or tips x

      • Unfortunately, you can’t use an already existing website. There might be options to migrate your content later on. Anyhow, Writers.academy websites directs you towards the purchase of a USD$12/years dollars Godaddy domain, they also say that the reason behind this is proving that you are actually able to follow instructions as well as knowing your way around basic website creation and wordpress.

        So far I have only written one article and earned the money they promised, so I already recovered my initial investment. But I have to add that the website you will create for them will work more as a resume for your writing and brand than as an actual writing tool. Yes, you do all the writing through their platform, not your ‘recently created’ website.

    14. Ras said on June 20, 2017

      Hi all! I hope somebody can help me. I already set up my blog and was approved. I’m also done with the first article and now waiting for the approval. However, I have a concern with my domain as whenever I click it, error says, ‘server not found’. I call Godaddy and was told that it’s because I only bought a Cpanel but not a domain and that I need to pay another $15. Im a bit confused as I was initially told that the $12 would cover the cPanel hosting and a FREE domain. Please enlighten me. Thanks in advance.


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