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Paid Car Wash or Physical Labor Hand Wash
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How do you like to wash your car? Do you like to wash your car by yourself with physical labor at home? Or, would you rather pay someone? Or pay to drive thru to get a car wash?

  • There are people who love to keep their car spotless and clean and prefer to pay someone.
  • There are people who love their car, want their car clean, will never allow anyone but them to wash their car.
  • There are people who like their car, would rather pay than to wash themselves.
  • There are people who like their car and washes their car themselves.
  • There are people who do not mind if their car is dirty and hardly washes their car in general (or allows mother nature when it rains to wash their car)
  • There are people who would wish they could wash their cars at home but unfortunately they cannot as they live in an apartment complex, townhouse, renting or an area where they cannot wash their car at their home.

As for me, growing up – my parents never took their car for a carwash. I was told the bristles of the machine is harsh and could leave scratches on your car. The automatic track you drive up could scratch your rims and driving in a car wash is just not a good idea and could potentially fade your paint. So, when I had my first car at the age of sixteen – I always washed my car once a month by hand. It would take me a hour because I would thoroughly wash the exterior of the car, rims, vacuum, spray the windows and do a good job! Then, I met my then boyfriend, now fiancé – he drove his cars in the car wash! I was so shocked how fast and easy it was! But he did not mind because he would always switch up his cars. Yes, the bristles are harsh, but it only took ten minutes of your time and complimentary vacuum to use! It was so easy! But, now we prefer to wash our cars at home. It is a lot cheaper to buy all the supplies which is not even a lot just car shampoo soup, sponges, a bucket, and you are good to go! Some spray to protect the inside and for your tires but you will get many uses versus paying $10-20 or even more if you detail! How do you like to wash your car?

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    1. That is nice you trained yourself to do the car washing of your car. My nieces since they are so slim , so petite they find it hard to do the car washing they go to a car wash station in front of our home hehehe, but sometimes, I am the one car washing my car to save money and if I have vacant hours. Why I do the car washing it is because it is nice to feel the sweat coming our from your brow and to feel the swats falling down on my backbone,lol.

      • Hehe yes I like the outcome of washing the car myself. Even at the car wash sometimes I have to touch up some areas because the machine or people miss spots. So I am paying just to correct it ~ I mind as well take my time and do it myself and it is a nice work out also! Good for you that you wash your car yourself when you have time and you’re right – saves money too!!!

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