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Overpriced Burgers & Employee Dropped my Onion Rings!
February 26, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 8.52.28 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 8.52.28 PM

As you can see in the photo, just 2 burgers and a side of french fries/onions rings plus lemonade (not pictured) was easily $35 bucks! Why? This is a higher end burger spot featuring grass-fed beef and supporting local produce.

However, we my boyfriend and I were not happy customers and the food does not look appealing what so ever! We actually tried this burger spot in the past at a different location that had superb food and service, but this was a much more newer construction so they are definitely lacking on their food and service.

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What we ordered:


  • Half of Garlic Fries, Half of Onion Rings

For Him

  • “Grass Fed Bison” consist of: Pickled Onion, Gorgonzola, Garlic Aioli

For Her

  • “The Classic” – consist of: American Grass-Fed Beef, Lounge Bun, Organic American Cheese, Organic Ketchup, Mustard, Chopped Onion. I opt out the Pickles and added Applewood Smoked Bacon for extra cost

Drink to Share

  • Housemade Lemonade with Lavender Mint with unlimited refills if you dine there (which we refilled only once more)

The wait to get our food was a little longer than we expected but that gave us some time to chit chat and be hungry. As the guy delivered our food who was also our cashier, he dropped the onion rings on the table! Not only did he drop the onions rings accidentally he picked them up with his hands and put them on our plate and said “enjoy”.

Oh no no no….

I looked at my boyfriend, who told him we would like a new side of onion rings. The guy reassured us that the tables were clean. I do not care if the table is clean, regardless I paid a premium for the food and he touched his hands with the money we had just paid! I did follow him to get the our new batch of onion rings as I did not trust him.

Then, my complaint about the condiments. You have to “ask” for condiments, and when I asked for ketchup, it is served in this tiny container in which you cannot dip the onion rings freely in! Then, I had to stand back in line to get a refill because no one came to the table asking if we would like a refill for our drink.

Overall: A horrible experience and we definitely will not be back!

Have you ever come across overpriced restaurants, places that aren’t worth the food and customer service?

    1. That’s the problem for some crew in fast food. The service is deteriorating and forget the value of their clients. At the back of their mind, they just do their job and be paid. Sometimes I always complain to the manager on regards to their customer service. I can drop a lot of bombshells about them. I can understand what is coming from. We earned and used the money wisely. Better not to come back in this place.

      • I did not want to cause a scene, but we will not be returning. If we could, when the food was presented had we not paid yet. I think we would leave.

    2. Some restaraunts now days are so nasty my family and I recently walked into one to eat and turned and walked back out for one the tables were nasty and you could tell the floors hadn’t been cleaned your feet smacked as you walked where drinks had been spilled and left to dry. And the prices was rediculas I could have bought a weeks worth of Gracie’s for what lunch would have cost in this place.

      • Yes you are absolutely correct – some restaurants lack a clean environment and it is not appealing whatsoever. If the environment for the dinning situation is not up to par, imagine how the kitchen is like? I would definitely walk out too!

    3. Sorry I meant to type groceries instead of Gracie’s in my comment.

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