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Opera browser for fast people and work
April 17, 2017

Opera browser that each house and office needs if and only if you like to be fast and finish you work faster, but if you are not in hurry go for slow

Opera browser for fast people and work

Opera browser become a popular web browser. Its good reputation due to the simple settings which make people use it. There are lots of features that level up opera. The skins make your work personalized. Change everything about its appearance of window, whether the back the scroll bars or whatever you like to change while you are browsing.

Also you can download any skin if you did not like the skins that already there. If you like to put a skin at morning and change it to nigh these you can do easily. also buttons of add ons so you have your browser the way that is convenient to your mood such as adding weather and music and movies

Opera ranks very high due to the high speed it offer you while serving and due to its features and among it security features we all need and want while online.


I used to have different browser, that I can say is ok but I need a faster one to find do what I do, including writing in literacybase, that need fast browser to download the image and post the post. Its best for those who do lots of uploading and downloading like photos and films.

Or those who do lots of work online and research too

no more slow windows laptop or pc or even phones, you can use opera in each of these and the tablet too

get your search engine how you want it and keep it updated for better result

This review after trying on my laptop not smartphones, but I guess if its fast here then sure fast using phone

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    1. Wow, very nice information. I may try to download this first time to hear this browser.I do not like my slow browser, is this the one you are using now ? Thank you so much for a change I might try to change my browser.

    2. I wrote about this browser last year. I’ve been using it for a different reason…

      As most people use Chrome, followed by Firefox, and only about 1% uses Opera, there are no viri, malware, trojans built to attack Opera.

      Simply put, the guy who wants to hack is going to create something to attack Chrome, which most people use.

      On this whole site perhaps only you and I use Opera, everyone else, Chrome/Firefox/I.E.

      • wow your so intelligent, i did not see it that way aobut hacking, but it make sense. Thanks for the information and help to like opera even more, so nice

    3. I guess that is right! I use Chrome and Firefox, although some months ago I downloaded Opera for Android, and I have to say it was good!

      • yes same here i used it only recently and so happy with ti and the skin and the fast browig really so simple and fat enough

      • yes same here i used it only recently and so happy with ti and the skin and the fast browig really so simple and fast enough


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