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online book or real book
March 17, 2017

do you like online books, i mean whta they call now ebooks or ereader, i dont have it but tired to read online book, its nice and free and so it save money but the thing is that you need to open your eyes too wide to read and thats hurt, the real books and i mean actual books the one with the papers and thick cover as you remember

they have nice feeling, to start with each page and turn the page and mark the page wne you stop to go eat or go out, then you come back in a few minutes or next day and check where you left the last page and keep reading.

real books are something you cant feel its sensation with other tech, that is why you need to have real library or real books, the people who loves understand that situation.

i like to read few times aday but when i was younger i liked to read everyday for hours, and love to read the whole book as fast as possible, but after starting my work its really hard to find time for that hubby, then had to read if possible online and if there free time and quite time then read

do you like to read online or hard books? if so what types of books do you like to read? i like all the types but mostly science and health and the writer i like to read to is Paulo choelu

he is brazilian and he write in good way that let you think and think and enjoy how intelligent he is as a writer and hwo inspired he is

do you like this writer or knwo him if so which book for him did you read, i read all his books that i know

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