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NYX Soft Cream Matte Lipstick (Copenhagen)
March 2, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks, I have increased my lipstick/lip tint stash. It all started when I discovered the Korean lip tint craze (I know, I am super late with all these things) and fell in love with the concept of having tainted lips without reapplying after every meal or drink. And because of that, I have been on the lookout for super pigmented lip stains – especially the darker hues that I used to shy away from in the past. I guess the concept of having temporary lip tattoo-stained on my lips for at least a day without the risk of ending up on my teeth was the ultimate reason for my growing lipstick fascination!
I wanted to buy MAC’s lip stains but have seen mixed reviews about it. I mean, I do splurge (sometimes) on cosmetics but the reviews lead me to give drugstore brands a try before spending twice the amount on a single tube of MAC lip tint. Add up the fact the product from MAC I was eyeing did not go on sale last Christmas, so I guess that’s a sign not to spend too much money, no?

That lead me to buy NYX Soft Matte Cream lipstick. I was on the lookout for a nice semi-vampire look and this dark, bloody, berry color called Copenhagen did the trick for me! Not sure why, but last autumn really gave me that vibe to go for really dark and vampy shades. Maybe I was trying to go back to my college goth looks before I become too old for it?
The lipstick is easy to apply and glides nicely on my lips. It is a bit tricky to even it out but I guess that’s the risk of buying highly pigmented colors like this.

I love the deep red color on my lips – I think it suits my skin tone nicely. It is just a shame that it doesn’t completely dry out on my lips. It transfers to anything my lips touches even if I have put it on after half a day outside the chilly Irish weather!
I also love the lasting stain it leaves my lips. It does fade away after eating or drinking but not the same as other lipsticks that leave your lips bare after one meal or drink. It fades gradually (after all, it is not smudge-proof) but I feel that no re-application is needed – not unless you are obsessed with your lip color.
Overall, I find this good value for money – I think it was under €10 for this tube. It was a good call not to splurge on a MAC lip stain especially since it will cost me twice for what I paid for this. Not to mention I might not be able to commit to the shade for a long time. Too bad that it wasn’t included in the promotion when I bought it from our local drugstore, though!

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