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Not Exactly the Best Approach

Pretty difficult for a lot of people to ask for help. What’s quite strange is some would rather harass a person instead saying they need help. The person may not want to assist when being harassed continuously. Not only harassed, receive threatening messages, and having their compromised. Doesn’t seem like a logical approach. Some may find they’ll have to endure a lot of resistance for trying to excel in any way. “The mind of some” is to try to hold down instead of lift up.

Harassing a person just doesn’t seem effective. Perhaps some may feel intimidating others are a way of getting others to do whatever they want the persons to do. For some the tactics may work but for the ones who are “courageous” such tactics may not benefit the person or persons projecting the tactics. Although the tactics may not work some will still choose to use the tactics in hopes that eventually the person or persons will just give up.

“No person should accept being mistreated” in anyway and especially to become someone’s slave or puppet. If the individuals are in need of some way then they individuals should ask nicely and if they’re unable to do so then the person or persons should not. Some believe they’re in a position to treat others badly. Some are bullies and others afraid of what the consequences may be if they’re not projecting the harassment.

Some believe if they instill fear into others then they’ll get the individuals to do whatever it is they want the individuals to do. Not always. There will be some who refuse to tolerate being treated like a rag doll. In a lot cases the fear tactics are used to control. To gain control over a situation or person. To overpower. Some are power driven and want to control every situation which arises.

For some there will be “a lot of people” who are afraid of the person and they’re aware of such and they’ll test to see if others will be afraid as well. Seems a bit insane but that’s how some think. The desire to control others are at least the ones who they perceive to be vulnerable. Hoping their victim will give in at some point. Some end up being captured by a control freak.

A bully who goes around scaring everyone they come in contact with. Until they meet their match. No person should tolerate being treated in such a manner but of course a lot are. Especially the ones who have been abused and for some once they’re aware that a person has been abused then they’ll try such tactics. They’re beliefs are if a person allowed abuse then they’ll also allow another to come in and control their every move.

There’s a lot of people who feel the need to control others. Wanting some form of power. Not even realizing their actions are causing grief for themselves. There are some who are willing to stand up against such bullies. Until the persons do so the bullying will continue on. Their “methods” are so damaging. In fact most who display such behavior are damaged.

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