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New Work -New Beginning- A New Life Changing Adventure Coming

Its been past 6 years since a choose to work for call center industry than my own field of study. At first it was a  very difficult adjustments that i  needed to overcome in order to survive in such field. But,later on i realize that the path i choose was not that bad. It is full of hardships, trials and adjustments that is required for someone working in such industry. I had those down times that i wanted to give up, cry, those sleepless night , and  longing for the family you left was always in the way to pull  you down. But all those sacrifices are worth it of the price , being able to provide all what your family needs .

I am proud that i stayed and choose this type of career than being teacher. Yes i am a teacher in profession, and a lot is asking me, why i never pursue and stayed in my job. All i can say, teacher is a noble profession and i admired all those who teach, wanted to teach and be a teacher. But, never limit yourself in teaching in schools, it is not only in schools where you can be a teacher.In any field you choose there is always a chance to teach and impart the knowledge that you have from all those experiences that mold you as a person. In my own perspective, in my field i am a teacher, although my position is not one, but in my own way i am able to impart my knowledge and be a part of my customers learning in each day. They learn from me at the same time i also learn from them.

Always remember, education is a continuous process, and everyone is entitled to be a teacher in their own way.


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