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My Wishes For Literacy Base To Make This Site Easier To Navigate And Popular
March 2, 2017

I have been here since January of this year already. But still until now, I am still groping as to where I should be seeking things with regards to the comments in my posts.

Though, through clicking and clicking, I finally came to know where to redeem and redeemed for the first time last February 28.

Gong back , I still find it tedious to open the blogs section and watch as the new blogs unfold in its every page.

I wish Literacy Base can make it easier for us to know who commented on our posts, new and old alike at just one click of that button. At least we don’t have to go back one by one to our old posts that gained new comments.

Or in other word, we can have a notification button of those.

I wish the Blog section can open easily so I can choose what to comment to and skip those posts that are just blabbing of this and that or maybe posted, just so they can earn money.

I wish Literacy Base can also have a page where at one click of that button, would display those posts that top all discussions, like just 10 of them. Isn’t it fulfilling and very motivating when we see our blogs as one of them.

I also wish it can also show what are the just recent discussions. At least , we don’t have to still scroll down to see them and the other categories.

I also wish we can also see who are those who liked our posts. At least, we can also read their posts or see what they are now talking about.

It would also be so nice , if we are given an incentive like some earnings whenever we land on that wished for Top 10 discussions.

Having that, the members here would be motivated to write beautiful blogs that would like everyone to comment back.

At least, having these things we are motivated to write more, to be here often, to be more interactive not only on blogs but in forums and groups.

And wouldn’t it be so nice if LB would also have a list of how much does a blog, a comment, forum and group discussions earns.

Well, I only wish these things because I want Literacy Base to attract more members and also be one of the most popular and nice online writing sites.

I suppose, every one of us wants it to be that, so it will stay long. :)

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    1. I joined yesterday and same with your concerns, I found it hard to navigate the site and edit published posts.Maybe the admin can modify the site to make it user-friendly and be popular.

      • Yes, it would be nice to have those that I have wished here, especially the notifications bar.

        And I forgot, how I wish they have the emoticon board too.

        It would be nice if they would take this as a constructive one and maybe think about implementing them too so this site will have more members. Some are deterred by the complex ways here and maybe by the minimum number of words.

        Actually the 300 word minimum is not hard for me because even at the other site, I write long post also and I always have to edit it to make short because I know the members there don’t like reading long posts, just like me. ha ha ha

    2. I think the site in it’s current state is navigable. But recent posts and the blogs, and forum updates are not easy to access. I mean if it were all in front page, that would be lot better. Instead of widget such as active members, we could see more recent topics link posted. Then again they have tweaked the website that way. I am sure they have their own reasons.

      • Yes, of course they have their own reason and style . Though, perhaps they should also try to hear what our suggestions are to make this site user friendly.

        That way, even those other people who would come here for the first time, would find it easy to post and be here, and be an active one here.

        If there are more active members here always, this site will thrive.

    3. I’m a newbie and just joined today. I have to say that I agree with you. It’s kind of confusing because I don’t even know how to navigate around the site. There seems to be a lot of wishes that you are asking for but would LB be able to fulfill them? I sure hope so because those are interesting points that you raised. And yes, a notification button would definitely be useful.

      • Actually, what I did is to click all those icons I see and discovered my way around.

        Well, I don’t expect them all to be fulfilled, but at least I tried to voice out what I wish for this site to become- popular!

        If this site will be so user-friendly, a lot will come here and be a member too. If there will be more active members, interaction will increase thus it will be a joy to be always here.

        I don’t actually expect my wished to come true. I just want my wishes heard. Who knows the fairy godmother here will grant some, if not all.

        Besides, my wishes are also for the good of the site. 🙂


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