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my main goals with my food cart business

What my main goal with my hot dog business? this is what ny main goal is
to make money and save enough to get a down payment on a income property with this kind of property I know I can make money with renting out to low income who get government help.I know people who are in the business and today the checks from the government do come in when due I know it hard to belive but my friends do not have any problems and for me I think this is my best solution for a livable income this way I have no worry about the weather and have money coming yes I know with a business partner and taxes it will take time for the money to come in but it a start. then the next step will be to open a deli up to make some money to.for me it will be a kosher style deli, why do Is ay style? if the deli open on Saturday a Rabbi will not ceritfie it kosher even it all the food is kosher. In my area Saturday it the busy day for the res truant , cafe , deli business etc. This why it need to be open on Saturday that when people eat out it would be a breakfast lunch kind of step up, other business I am think of is the event business , why because I am kind of close to this now since I have my food cart . I do have special rates for private parties for food but say they need a band. If I can think on how to make money by putting a event on then there more money for me to get my goals going. I think for me it might be good to have a partner yes I know money has to be spilt up 50/50
Ok that it for this one.

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