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My First Post Dint Make It, Am I Missing On Something?

My first post on lb quite dint make it to what I was expecting from it, I know something is there that I dint keep in mind before proceeding, specially the topic.

It actually was very tough to decide what to wright as never had any experience in the past of any writing site.

Yeah I accept the fact that I dint go through much of the post which have made better on lb and then learn what post would be beneficial.

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Actually I do have a busy schedule daily of which I get very less time to interact with anyone, even with my family members also.

My wife is the one who introduced me to lb last month and she said whenever you get time start interacting and making friends here.

At first I was a little hesitant on what she had suggested, but it was quite interesting as I carry my laptop everywhere and would be of change from the regular routine.

I had a word with my wife on what could be wrong that not even a single person liked or commented on my post.

According to her perspective it was the topic the post was based on should have been something different than it being on life and death.

Yeah I am more of a spiritual kind of person and that was the first thing that came into my mind.

She said you could have started with and introduction to yourself instead.

I should have consulted her before posting, yes I am a little disappointed but not that much that I won’t continue anymore.

I love this site, just not because I can earn here but know for sure can make better knowledge and friends from this site.

I don’t know if I can ask but still any advice on how to choose the topics or how to make the best out of lb would be of great support for me.


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    1. I see, Your last post about your personal experience and the topic is good but unfortunately it didn’t attract much more attention. You can post anything you like but you have to design your article in such a way that it attract the masses. Something that other finds interesting or Informative from your experience as well.

      You watch daily news on TV and news paper and after every news we have this news analysis programs that discuss about some particular news with different angles and provide their opinions on it.
      So, my question is why people watch such debates or analysis programs where they know what the actual new is. People watch this because they want to go deeper into the news and background and some missing possibilities which they are missing since they are not expert.

      We all have people who love to discuss latest news and give their insights about the news with their point of view and they are open to listen to others point of view as well. That is where discussion begins.

      People interact with things where they have common interest in. Something which add value. So you watch news and you have something to say about the news. It can be more in-depth Information Or much possible link to another event. You can write about it and don’t forget to share with your friends online on different social media platforms so they can pop-in to your written discussion and add their comments which can even refine your article and provide more possible outcome.

      Hope this will answer your articles. try to add more attractive titles and images in your post that also helps others to being attract and read your writing.

      Thanks – Support

      • That was really an helpful advice from your end, yes I watch news but never got an idea of the way you have explained me that why people watch news and what could be the use if they watch and I write on the same topic. I have to discuss on things that make the topic more interesting and encouraging people more to talk on it.

    2. The explanation of LB Support sums it all. I do not have to explain more, but I just wanted to add something, proofread or edit your article before posting it. Also think of more interesting topics that will attract readers.

      • Yes the support team has helped me out on exactly what am supposed to concentrate on. Actually being my first writing site and experience had no idea on what topic should be considered. But now I am ready and with the support of beautiful people like you and others will surely make the best out of this awesome site.

    3. Support seems to have covered the basics but I’d like to point out that your spelling and grammar could use the help of auto-correct. It’s completely okay if English isn’t you first language, or if you’re just not used to the written word but I do recommend re-reading your posts before posting!

      Terrible spelling and grammar always kills it for me (even if mine can be quite awful at times). However, I do wish you the best of luck in your future posts and I hope you do end up improving the feedback! 🙂

    4. Yeah you are absolutely right, I do need to concentrate on my English and Grammar. Sorry but English is not my first language and really need to work on it to improve. I have taken your advice positively and will make sure there are improvements😊

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