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    In reply to: Dina posted an update Hello Guys, Can you help me? I have posted a blog but i want to edit it because it has big spaces in between paragraphs but I am at a loss on how I can do it? View

    @sameke77 Is not the Moderator of Literacybase. Currently Support is handling all the moderation. If anyone needs to edit their post then he/she has to to inbox us with the information as mentioned in FAQ’s.
    Due to limited functionality of edit, we can’t provide custom users to edit their posts either all users will edit it or non. Since…[Read more]

    • A valid answer to a valid question. Thanks for this enlightening clarification. “We” are pleased. 🙂

    • Thank you for answering my query.

      Though, it would have been better if there is an edit button which only the member who wrote it can edit. Usually, I would proof read my post after it is submitted complete with pictures.

      It is only then, that i would notice what are the mistakes.

      Which button do we hit to ask for editing please?