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    Asuzu Maryjane posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    “The way ‘retarded’ has been used for at least
    20 years is as a synonym for ‘stupid.’ If you’re
    so sensitive about someone using a word that
    bothers you that you aren’t capable of
    understanding the intent behind it, you need
    to grow a thicker skin.”
    Right. It’s being used as a synonym for
    stupid. And loved ones of people with
    disabilities do not want them associated with
    the word ‘stupid.” As for the thicker skin
    comment, have some heart: If a parent tells
    you that a word is painful, if people with
    intellectual disability say the word is hurtful,
    is it so hard to quit using the word?
    “I do think people should be cautious of what
    and how they say things but it’s not the end
    of the world.”
    Oh, to be sure, there are many, many more
    pressing issues. But this is something that
    very much matters to parents of kids with
    special needs. Our kids have so many
    challenges to overcome in this world; using
    respectful language is just one thing, one very
    simple thing, people can do. And so, we will
    continue to speak out about it. And we will
    continue to ask: Please, just use another word. LET MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR YOU AND I, “PEACE”