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    Hi. I am new at this. I am a minister and have my own website and blog. I am excited to be a part of this Christian connection. I want to share some things that will help, hopefully, someone. Are you going thru a problem that seems to have no way out? Study the book of Proverbs. Start by reading and studying a chapter a day, Ask God what this chapter means to you. After reading, studying and prayerfully studying a chapter a day for 31 days, you will notice that wisdom will come and God will supply answers. God bless.

    • I have been searching for the will of God for years, and I believe that I have finally found what it is. I plan on writing a book some time that could one day reach the world through Christ. It would probably be a prophecy book, one that covers the alternative beliefs on how the world comes to an end. Speaking of websites, I wanted to have one to help me sell my book, and it would have several blogs that give people additional information on the last days.

      • Mark, you can go to blogger and create a blog for free. Concerning writing a book, it is easy. Did you read one of my articles on writing a book? If you know what you are doing, it is free. With today’s technology, writing a book is simple. All you have to do is do your homework and you are set. Concerning your calling, make sure you have a church that confirms your calling. That is important especially when considering a covering. Don’t go out there alone. Have your church back you up and work with you as a team. God bless.