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    The story when American’s celebrated two Thanksgivings on different days one year
    Thanksgiving is a holiday where American’s give thanks for all we have on the fourth Thursday of November. But it was always this set day.

    When Abraham Lincoln declared it a holiday on November 30, 1863, it was continued that way even though it was the job of the President of when to announce that Thanksgiving would be held that year. IT was the last Thursday in November many decades.

    When Franklin Roosevelt became president his first year, he saw no reason to change Lincoln’s choice of the day. But it was 1933, and there was also The Great Depression and store owners were afraid because the last Thursday of the month was on November 30 as there was five Thursday’s that year in November. There were studies, and they found out in those days people waited until Thanksgiving was over to start shopping for the Holidays, and there would only be 24 days for Christmas shopping. The country complained, and it happened again in 1939 with President Roosevelt, and he declared the last Thursday of November Thanksgiving and a lot of states went against the proclamation and they decided to celebrate the Fourth Thursday This was pandemonium as some states celebrated it one day and the rest of the states other da

    On December 26, 1941, Congress passed a law making it the fourth Thursday of November the national holiday celebration.