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    @lovern perhaps they can shut this site after writing a proper email.

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    nakitakona13 replied to the topic For Two Days Now @Support Is Active Yet Heard No Words in the forum Group logo of Thinkers GroupThinkers Group 3 years ago

    Thank you, @lovern for your information. I have just come back and this is what has prompted me. This sad news of shutting down of LiteracyBase. Where’s the official announcement about this closure? Where does @kaylar get that news about the closing of this site?

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    cely wrote a new post, My First Kiss From My First Love 3 years, 1 month ago

    My First Kiss From My First Love

    By: erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

    I got a boyfriend at age 14 ; the guy was 25. He was many years older than me. That time he already had a stable job as a Veterinarian. I met […]

    • What a love of my life, so painful. Who would ever think that my love ended that way, so scary and hurting? That experience will never be forgotten as long as I live.

    • @immortal, yes,I have to accept that in this world there is no permanence. Only God is immortal.Thanks for dropping bye and commenting on my blog, very much reiterated.

    • What a tragic story! I am so sorry it happened to you Erly. I am glad you changed the color of your blog from back to white. I had a hard time reading it last night. Take care.

    • A Very nice love story. I think when two people love each other then age doesn’t matter. Love is a beautiful thing and everybody must do this at least once a time in a life. The end of this story was very shocking. This should not happen to anyone.

    • @Thelma Alberts, Hi Thel? I do not know why the color is black sorry friend.Thank you for dropping by and thanks for sharing your nice thoughts and feelings, very much appreciated my friend.

    • @Shailabh G. Sonkar , Thank you for dropping by and feeling what I felt the time my heart was broken. You are right, it should have not been thatw way.I felt so devastated. I am so thankful to everyon for helping me moved on.

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    PEEUSH TRIKHA replied to the topic I'm Leaving. Time to Say 'Good bye!' in the forum Group logo of Making Money OnlineMaking Money Online 3 years, 1 month ago

    @lovern where did you got the news about Blogjob? I have not logged on there since ages.

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    EvilElf replied to the topic I'm Leaving. Time to Say 'Good bye!' in the forum Group logo of Making Money OnlineMaking Money Online 3 years, 1 month ago

    @lovern I haven’t seen any update from Blogjob or the owner saying that their site is indeed coming back from the ashes. Can you share where you heard this information? I do know that EliteWriters is still going stronger than ever and it pays its writers once they cash out with almost no waiting. I believe they are even having a contest at the…[Read more]

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    Dawnwriter replied to the topic I'm Leaving. Time to Say 'Good bye!' in the forum Group logo of Making Money OnlineMaking Money Online 3 years, 1 month ago

    @lovern  Where did you hear the news about Blogjob? It would be wonderful if this is true. Niume has met a sad end too but it seems to me that the owners and admins lose interest in their own site after a while. There were too many low-quality pictures and texts with just hashtags and nobody took any action.  It was a fun, stress free site and I…[Read more]

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    happsingh replied to the topic Avoid Eating Street Food Or In Hotels Especially When Summer Is Starting in the forum Group logo of Knowledge Is Power Use It WiselyKnowledge Is Power Use It Wisely 3 years, 1 month ago

    have anyone got paid yet this month @lovern

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    cely wrote a new post, There Are Foolish Beings That Like To Do Harm 3 years, 1 month ago

    There Are Foolish Beings That Like To Do Harm

    By erlymags (@cely/ @lovern)

    Anywhere in the world there are foolish beings. They never care if who they hurt really hurt or not. They only feel their excitement to […]

    • The world is shaken with terrorism whe technology was introduced to the world. It is better to have no technology at all to avoid series of bombing incidents. Terrorists learne to manufacture bombs through internet.Yesterday might be better than today. We have different kinds of killings this time. Will there be hope for the children? Will there be safe grounds for them to play? the answer is yours should there be a ghost to drop by this blog of mine.LOLS.

    • I was wondering why “foolish people” in that state university would harbor those terrorists? It’s really foolishness! And terrorists or humans carrying bombs tucked in their bodies are doing the most foolish thing because it will end their life and the life of other people! I hope everything would be fine and peace will reign anywhere.

    • Those terrorists are really the people to run after in these different places of killings. And those ISIS together with the Maute Grp. who have reigned havoc to the city deserves to die too.

      They made residents there fled their homes for fear that their lives be taken away by those terrorists.

      For me, it is just right that our President declared Martial law on that place. It is to protect the people and the place to be further harmed by those terrorists.

      I wish, they will all be wiped out on earth, so killings could be stopped already.

    • @Dina, you are right Din, they are deadly people and not worth to live on earth own by God. People in Marawi city evacuated to save their lives. We have here a very long traffic due to inspection in a detachment unit.It takes 30 minutes.I might late when class starts.They are so horrible; they are not afraid to kill even young and old.We are so afraid here.

      We do not stay outside in the evening it’s scary.Let us us pray peace in Mindanao.

    • Everyone that feels threatened by us U.S Americans need to realize we are who we are can’t no state, county, country, or kingdom change what we are. We have rights, freedom of speech, and privileges. We take our country to heart we love the United States of American. We are of the free and opportunity. See, where am going wit these…..our ways and personality is different you can’t blame us for that nor change us for that.

    • @Latisha Perkins,Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings very much appreciated.We are facing with different problems this time, This insurgency problem in one big city In Ph, Marawi City, This city is zero ground for residents evacuated due to war Maute group claimed to have pledged allegiance to IS, now getting numerous, so the government tries to eliminate them, Almost 199 terrorists killed in Marawi city With those killed foreign terrorists from Indonsia, Singapire, Maaysia, so bad people.

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    cely wrote a new post, If You Were Me, What Should You Do? 3 years, 1 month ago

    If You Were Me, What Should You Do?
    By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

    This is about confession. I have helped three people got employment in the university where I am teaching, two females and one male. Except the […]

    • There are indeed insensitive people. I now fully agree that there are so many of them like those people mentioned here I helped got employment, useless being. I hope they would not stumble on the rugged ground so they will surely see my face to beg for another help which i would rather say to them, enough is enough. You are not human enough to be given trust and consideration.

    • I think that is becoming so normal with people like we are. Just like when a person is trying to loan some money from you. YOu are the most important person to them because they want something from you. But when the time you need the money and ask for their payment, that’s the time you will become their worst enemies.

      I think the best thing for us to do is just forget what we have done to them. Anyway, its our deeds that make us to become human and not them. We helped them, that’s it. They don’t remember what we did for them, its okay, at least in heaven that will be remember.

    • Though the Bible said that we should not expect favors or anything in return for our good deeds, we are but human not to feel so disgusted and sorry for helping them in times of need. You are right, ignore them and someday they might realise the wrong they had done to you!

      The old lady is better. She deserves your help.

    • So you learned your lesson now in who to help.

      The two ones are ingrates. They didn’t even remember to give you something when they first received their salaries from the university where you referred them.

      Wow, imagine the other one is a relative and yet she didn’t invite you on her wedding day.

      And the other one, did not even thank you once he was taken in.

      So you see, it is better to help people of no relation at all to you especially the old woman. So nice of her to always give you a gift on your birthdays. But how did she know your birth date, by the way?

    • @Dina, you are right friend, but God might have used me as the instrument for these insensitive people to survive.There are really humans like them. If only someone has helped me, rest assured, that person can say he or she never regret in helping me. But these two persons, do not have intestines hahaha. They will never be rich for God won’t allow them to be this for they are like Judas.

    • What happens, after these experiences, is that you step back. You don’t recommend anyone, you keep your mouth shut. I have been luckier than you. When I think about helping someone they often do the most horrendous things so that I can only give thanks that I didn’t say anything.

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    cely wrote a new post, It Hurts To say Goodbye 3 years, 1 month ago

    It Hurts To Say Goodbye

    By erlymags ( @cely/ @lovern )

    No one can deny this feeling that saying goodbye because someone is leaving you is so hurting. Humans as we are, we cannot control this kind of emotion […]

    • It hurts to say gooddbye for it is also not easy to forget the past with someone leaving us. Though the left is temporal, but the feeling cannot be controlled.Humans are truly emotional.

    • @Rob, thanks for feeling what I feel. I know you got me. maybe you are a new writer here and feeling desperate for the site never cares at all. They are dead.They no longer reply people here, so sad, what a terrible loss of the site to good writers they never care.

    • @cely,

      When we become members of a writing site, we are able to maintain rapport with our co-members with whom we get constant comments and interaction.

      Though, it cannot be avoided when the site will be closing. But we can always tell them about another site where we can continue our friendship with them.

      This happened to me when myLot told us that they won’t be a paying site anymore. We were paid still for those who have $5 and above on their banks.

      So, when a co-member told me to try Bubblews, I went there and invited the other myLotters.

      Thus, the fun continued at Bubblews. But it’s so sad when Bubblews closed. Although, I am already back at myLot, months after it finally closed. Others followed also.

      So, it’s just like that. We can continue whatever friendship we have here by inviting them to be with us with another site where we will be earning too.

      I am saddened when you said that LB will close. Was it announced officially?

    • @Dina, it is just a hearsay that this site is closing hehe. I think we are wrong. It seems the site owners are cleaning the site by sweeping away those plagiarized blogs. I hope that the site rises back so people come back and enjoy every discussion made. What makes writers think the site is closing because of the non-payment of the writers. I am not paid off that April redemption. Not only me, so many those who redeemed end of April. all not paid. That is the reason why writers condemed the site as to close soon. I hope not for I like Literacy base to exist for years.

    • It is sad to have heard many rumors that LB may soon be closing down its operation. Many of the friends and writers to have been affected due to their outstanding payment.

      Folks, I felt for you too, even I have just started and have contributed my few posts here, I don’t make that much when compared to you guys out there. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt a person because he or she have indeed genuinely have spent their precious times hour and hour here trying to make an extra income.

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    arman khan posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    @lovern hellow I am new here friends guide me please.

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    cely wrote a new post, I Only Live To Love You- This Song Makes Me Fall In Love Again 3 years, 1 month ago

    I Only Live To Love You- This Song Makes Me Fall In Love Again

    By erlymags ( @cely/ @lovern )

    The first time I hear this song, my heart was awaken from a very deep refusal to love again. Because in the past I […]

    • Writing is my passion so here I am submitting a short blog to let every one know that love is a very strong impulse that drives many men crazy and drives many young and old ladies insane for love truly hurts and despite this many continue loving even to a wrong person. Love truly kills for there are so many evidences that show the world many committed a suicide to forget the love that hurts them and to forget how love is felt. They never like to feel the hurt again from a man;s lie and cheat.

    • @immmortal, thank you for my fan.I am so happy to have a virtual fan and you are immortal, lols. Thanks for your constant support and inspiration.

      How nice to meet you in your nice photo.Are you boy or girl?

    • You are right. All men are not liars. I agree with you. I am going to copy this beautiful song. I am in love with this song. Can I have its video link?

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    cely wrote a new post, Gruesome But True – A Male Snake Caught On Camera Lovingly Embracing Corpse Of A Female Snake 3 years, 1 month ago

    Gruesome But True – A Male Snake Caught On Camera Lovingly Embracing Corpse Of A Female Snake
    By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

    Look at the picture in this blog; this is the picture of the two snakes embracing. […]

    • I am afraid of snakes, and can not even look closer at their photos just like what you asked us to do! ha ha ha! I just read your words and description of what the male snake did!

    • Snakes or human we are all attracted to opposite sex. But this one is romancing a dead snake, hmm just wondering if the snake have the thing called necrophilia. That is weird, isn’t it?

      Anyway, I don’t know if its mine only but I cannot see the photo.

    • Better the snake knows the feeling of pity and compassion compared to bad people like the terrorists, rebels, Abusayaffs and more that stir the world with their ruthless killings of innocent people. They should not have born in this world so peace will reign all throughout the universe.

      But this snake, if people only see this thing, they surely agree with me that snakes are better than some human beings.

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    cely wrote a new post, Imagine Your Life Without A Mom- What Do You Think? 3 years, 1 month ago

    Imagine Your Life Without A Mom- What Do You Think?
    By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

    A mom’s love is everlasting , no matter how hard-headed a child is mom can always keep her temper and hide her hurt hoping o […]

    • Belated Happy Moters day all mothers single mom, legal mom, widow mom, grandmom, and feeling mom worldwide,lol.

    • You are right, it is so hard without a Mom to attend to the needs of her children. I am sorry to know that you lost your Mom when you were just 8 years old. So that situation made you a stronger person and be responsible at a very young age, so with your sister!

      Children should love their mothers, because mothers love them unconditionally.

    • I lost my Mom when I was 15. It changed my life forever. She was amazing. The glue that held the entire family together. I still see my sisters and Father. But not enough. I never see any extended family, like I did when I was younger. My mother would cook a feast on Holidays and everyone would come over. Family and Friends. Not just holidays though. Weekends I would hangout with all my cousins. I am lucky to have had here love. I am 45 now and I still Miss her everyday. I Love You Mom.

    • @acelawritesm yes friend my mom passed away when I was 8, she was 42 years old when she left us all at home. That was a very crucial life we had without a mom.

    • @Immortal, thank you for inspiring me with your words.

    • @rosalba shahidi , Sorry to hear about the death of your mom at your young age. Like you, I still miss my mom at this time I am turning 36. My dad also passed away i 1998, very sad.

    • You ought to love your mom for without here you will never be on earth. There are children who always hurt their mom they only realized the value and love of their mom when she is gone and it will be too late for her to know you regret.What do you think life would be without her sacrificing carrying you inside her womb for nine months. When she labored to release you from her womb she was facing death for many mothers said that when a mom labors only the strand of her hair that can not feel the pain. But how come you cannot give your love to your mom?
      You owe your life to your mom She deserves respect and love.

    • @cely ,

      I am sorry to hear that at an early age you lost your mom. But look at you and your sisters, you survived and became responsible at an early age. And I suppose, you acted as the mother of your younger sister? I commend you for surviving that phase in your life.

      I cannot imagine myself not having a mom at an early age. I might be so emotionally broken. Because even now that my mom is already 79, though still strong , able in body and mind, I still wish for her and our dad to be still with us even if they will become so old already.

      Their presence at their house would be missed if ever they have to bid the world already.

      I am preparing myself for that, but I think I cannot be really ready when that time comes.

    • @Dina, thanks friend, life was hard without a mother.No one has combed my hair, clipped my hair, I do not remember who bathed me and if I was well-bathed. I also cannot remember if I had eaten 3 times a day because I was just a child. Our dad was always in the battleground as a military official. He came home once a week for two days stay. We feel much secure when our father is home. We were all so excited for he always brought home plenty of ripe mangoes, he knew that mangoes were our favorite fruit.

      Yes, like you, I always dream to have my parents stay until age 100, but we cannot hold life. It’s God’s.

    • I lost my mom when I was 17, she was murdered by her own boyfriend. I understand how it feels the holidays and seasons hurt me more then anything. She took care of the family and cooked for us. She was the favorite out of all the Aunties for as my cousins go. Then she was also a cool mom. I miss her so much, I think about her alot. But yes, it’s very hard but it is up to us to make the best of it. while your mother is here on earth. Because I wish every day that my mother was here.

    • Recently I have asked myself how my life would have been without my mum and how my children’s life would be if I were not in their lives. The mother’s presence is very important in her child’s life. The mother goes through a lot of struggles for her child. She burdens a lot of things. Mothers deserves all the kindness, respect and companionship in this life. They are really doing good job. That’s no wonder when the prophet Muhammad said ‘Paradise lies at the feet of your mother’ [Musnad Ahmad, Sunan An-Nas�i, Sunan Ibn M�jah]

    • cely replied 3 years ago

      @Mariam , That is true, not only your life all lives would be in disaster without a mom.There is no one in this world willing to offer her life for her children,and that is our mom.

    • cely replied 3 years ago

      @immortal, thank you my dear fan for following me and liking some og my blogs hehehe nce to meet you here.

    • cely replied 3 years ago

      Thank you guys for dropping by and sharing your thoughts and feelings of this blog.

    • no hope withouth mom,mom does the best thing in the world

    • life without mom is no life

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    cely wrote a new post, The Incredible Healing Power Of A Horse 3 years, 1 month ago

    The Incredible Healing Power Of A Horse
    By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern )

    Many of you may not believe that a horse is very important to man not only to a sport he likes or to have horse to serve his family as […]

    • Some animals are better than man in attitude , perseverance and thinking.

    • Horses are beautiful animals; and they are farmers’ friends too because they can carry heavy loads like farm produce or harvest. It is interesting to know you like to own a horse! why not? But you should have a caretaker because it eats grass, etc. and also needs so much care and attention. But they could be lovely pets. Have you seen the dwarf breeds? They could be easier to maintain than large ones.

      Their healing power is amazing; just like dogs, cats and other animals do.

    • I have just bought a baby horsy. His color is golden brown. I have to tame him and make him like me so we can be a team. Despite he is so young, he can adjust himself to the situation to stay in loneliness. I fence horsy , installed lights, electric fan and planted many trees so when he is big so with the trees. It is not difficult to tame this pet of mine. I always talk to him. He looks so smart and adorable. The kids at hiome also enjoy touching horsy’s forehead. I am thankful for this knowledge on horse as a healer.

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    PEEUSH TRIKHA replied to the topic @CHUCKS,HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY PHOTO WITH ME IN PHOTO? in the forum Group logo of Thinkers GroupThinkers Group 3 years, 1 month ago

    @lovern indeed this is a very grave thing- I think that strict action ought to be taken against this stealer.

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    cely wrote a new post, Don’t miss the donut by looking through the hole (Author Unknown) 3 years, 1 month ago

    Don’t miss the donut by looking through the hole (Author Unknown)

    By erlymags (@cely/ @lovern)

    This philosophy by an unknown writer is very inspiring. There might be many chances of improvements in your life […]

    • I like that expression about doughnuts! It is better to look at the sides of the doughnut and not the hole only; looking at the positive sides of life instead of the negative ones.

    • Others look at the other side despite already standing or in the right side of life. There are stupid people despite what they are going to thread is harmful they insist on threading on, What do we call them? Insane, right? They are called fools for they tend to keep away from the norm. Maybe they are carried away by their peers and technology.
      They should have dealt technology in the right way so their lives will prosper in whatever they want to do. sad amny are gone astray and become strangers to their own thinking.

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    cely wrote a new post, What is an ornament? Does it make sense to us? 3 years, 1 month ago

    What is an ornament? Does it make sense to us?

    By erlymags ( @cely / @lovern)

    Ornament is something that pleases the eyes and feeling of the person most especially the women. There are many reasons why enhance […]

    • I like decors of all sort real or plastic as long as I like them. There are plastic decors that look like real. Ornaments at home also make our home so nice and pleasing to the eyes of the family and neighborhood.

    • I like simple ornaments for the body; simplicity is beauty, as they say. For the home, I do not like so many decorations also; just simple ones. But I love natural ornaments like flowers and plants that give beauty and cleans the air.

    • This is my blog having its image stolen by zasa. She has stolen many blog images Others she stole from blogs images of @acrlawrites.

      Mt friend two of your images were stolen mine almost 4 now. I think the cheaters here do not have God that dominates in their loves.

    • Ornaments make our home alive and cool.It is a must to have our home some ornaments.At home we have some inddor ornaments and outdoor ornaments. I feel so happy seeing those ornaments like hanging vines, and thick vermuda grasses. I place the thick vermuda grasses in big and flat pots. I water them everyday and they bloom now.

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    cely wrote a new post, Keep Your Feet Smooth These Very Simple Ways 3 years, 2 months ago

    Keep Your Feet Smooth In This Very Simple Way
    By erlymags (@ceky/@lovern)

    Are your feet rough? Have you tried to touch them? If not try it to find out if rough or smooth. There are feet that look so unhealthy. […]

    • Should you happen to read this, and having a foot problem, act right away. The procedures are so easy. We are doing it this at home and we have fun doing this hahaha. It is not easy to feel when the foot is scrubbed with salt.

    • It is ugly to look at feet plenty of thick callous.Those whose feet are rough, better follow the procedures how to make feet smooth. This is not only from my imagination but by medical doctors who were interviewed in ABS-CBN TV .The procedures are so easy and inexpensive.

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    acelawrites replied to the topic Stop Stealing Photos Here From Posted Blogs , Respect The Feeling Of The Owner in the forum Group logo of Thinkers GroupThinkers Group 3 years, 2 months ago

    So sad to know about those bad news. Just logged in from a week’s vacation. No internet in that island, (or I do not have mobile internet! ha ha ha); so this issue surprised me now!

    I hope the admin (@Support) will take these things seriously and act immediately! It really feels bad when you see your own photos, or your own blogs being…[Read more]

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