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    Krishna Kumar posted an update in the group Group logo of can we live without technology nowadays?can we live without technology nowadays? 3 years, 4 months ago

    We can live without technology if we want to. For example the work which I do required full time attention hence I stopped viewing television or using computers or internet and now the work is over hence I use the interned but still am not using television. I generally do not communicate on telephone and do not have a mobile. Whenever when I am out I do not have any communication device and if it is so urgent use a landline and pay the bill. Which is very rare. The last year I have used mobile only around five times.

    What it goes to show is technology is there for our convenience and not the other way round. I observe many people addicted to laptops, mobiles, online games and other technologies but I have also noticed these technologies eat up too much of our time for every enter command let us say the response should be within 30 seconds around 15 seconds more is wasted to get the required screen or menu. In a day we have only 24 hours and if we go by the above calculation imagine how much time will be wasted in a year.

    Technology certainly has its advantages but it keeps developing and we have to keep relearning what we have learnt. That again eat u time. Hence it has to be used in a very judicious manner for our convenience.