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    Congratulations to all new group members who have joined recently. Participate and share what is new in your life, surroundings or any other information which is interesting and useful for others to participate and comment on. Your participation is what makes the group Knowledge is Power Use It Wisely colorful, interesting and informative. Happy writing and commenting.

    • Thanks @krishnakumarks. This group is interesting, I will surely be active here.

    • thanks for the welcome @krishnakumarks, will try dedicating most of my time on how to navigate on this site.

      • @spencer

        Good to hear this from you. I keep adding new information in the comments section of the articles like How to earn well at literacybase, My experience with literacy base support, This should not be happening, How to blog at liceracybase for a newbie and similar other topics. There are more than 250 articles in this group. You can read the ones you like and would want to participate and add information or share something new. Write comments on all these and other blogs and you can earn your first payment. Happy writing and best of luck.