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    I guess to start of with a few recommendations ill post some romance/comedys in order of personal enjoyment
    1. Clannad/clannad after story- Has a few funny moments, consistent plot, and scenes that will make you cry like a baby. Has a slow season one so bear with it.
    2. Toradora- Has a lot of funny moments, good animation, beautiful artwork. Hits you in the feels, but not as much as Clannad. This has your typical Tsundere girl as a main character
    3. Lovely Complex-It was cute, insightful, hilarious and endearing. the two main characters dont see eye to eye at first, and grow to love each other.

    Just 3 recommendations for now but i have watched a LOT of anime. will post more if anyone is actually interested.

    I know this isn’t the best post but i have never done anything like this. maybe ill get better with time.

    • From your list I have only watched Toradora. Yes I agree that this anime is very funny. There is also Golden Time, another funny and cute love story. But my favorite is Naruto.

      • Why am I the only one, who has’t watched any anime in my entire life? I used to watch Cartoon Network but not Anime. Any recommendation for me cause it feels so retarded. Tom & Jerry could be fun but no Goku or whatever the name is from any famous anime.. 😀