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    Here’s how to pull off the dress over jeans trend
    Some trends are harder to get than others but nailing this dress over jeans will earn you some major style points.

    One of the most flattering trends to come out this year is wearing a dress over jeans. The look is complete street style chic and give you the chance to use old summer maxi dresses in a stylish new way. Here’s how to pull off the dress over jeans trend.
    When you pair a feminine, flowing dress with edgy denim, you’re striking the perfect balance between casual and elegant. It’s a great transitional style that can take you from day to night with some clever accessorising and most importantly, it’s comfortable whilst being effortlessly stylish. What more could a cosy fashionista want?!

    Depending on whether you add a pair of heels or not, the ensemble is appropriate for an event or a night out, and with sneakers, you’re instantly ready for a brunch with the girls

    The best part however, is that there are so many different ways to pull off this outfit which means that you can get the look regardless of your style or your personal aesthetic.

    You can unbutton your dress and tuck half of it loosely into your waistband, or you can work a boxy, oversize silhouette with an added jacket or sweater.

    I hope this help to increase your knowledge of dress on jean fashion!