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    When my mom had a sudden stroke, she didn’t the symptoms of stroke
    before hand.
    Furthermore, my parents and my brother didn’t have any knowledge of
    stroke details because none of my parents siblings had any […]

    • Thank peach, my co- teacher had a mild stroke last week. She just fell down on the floor while writing some lessons on board. She was brought to hospital and was told she has a mild stroke.Thus time her palm cannot be open well and her lip was deformed.It will be better for us to know the symptoms like these you presented here, so helpful. My co teacher has just turned 44 last month.She loves to eat pork chop anything about pork.

    • yes. The symptoms of stroke should be known to everyone. This is a very useful post.
      I had bitter experience with my mother when she got a stroke. She developed pain suddenly. She was admitted to a hospital. She was recovering. The Doctor once again checked her and advised some diet and got down the stairs. Suddenly my mother started getting vomiting. There was no one. I immediately rushed to the Doctor and informed about it. He took some time. In the meanwhile when there was nothing to collect the Vomit I kept my both hands and collected it. Mother was looking at me. I do not know the meaning of her feeling. I did it as a son. I never hesitated for anything. She was my mother.

      When I took her to another hospital the Doctor advised me not to allow her to drink coffee.

      One should be more careful with a stroke.

      The symptoms are
      A Sudden headache, Chest pain, exasperation, numbness to any part of the body, giddiness, faltering walk,sweating.

      One should know about Defibrillator. One should know how to use it. It saved many people from heart stroke.

    • My dad also suffered a stroke in 2012 he had bleeding on brain I have helped him with physio speech ot I had too as I couldn’t get him for excercise you learn a lot from google stroke patients are very difficult people to look after specially if they are stubborn I have looked after him 5 years he can talk quite a lot but he has expressive aphasia so sometimes words dont come out propely but can’t open his hand or walk yet any ideas of excercises that I can give him

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    @deborah, sorry dear, I cannot help you. I do not know,Let us wait for those who are from that country.

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    My faith is my strength, without this faith, i will be nothing in this world. I have a very strong faith in the Lord. I love my Lord Jesus  Christ and God the Father as one. I always receive miracles. I am healed with my past sickness through my strong faith in God. God is truly awesome. He loves all His children on earth, but so many of these…[Read more]

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    Guide me in your grace until all doors are open. Amen