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    Treathyl FOX replied to the topic Legend of the Blue Sea in the forum Group logo of K-Drama LoversK-Drama Lovers 1 year, 9 months ago

    I am learning who’s who among Korean actors and actresses.  It seems Lee Min Ho is very popular.  Found a Top 10 List of his movies/TV series and Legend of the Blue Sea is on the list.

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    Ruby wrote a new post, Which is more important, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) or Emotional Quotient/Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI)? 1 year, 9 months ago

    By definition, Intelligence quotient (IQ) is a standard test determine to assess human intelligence while that of Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence is the human ability to identify, evaluate, control, […]

    • I think both IQ and EQ are equally important. I think the way we “measure” IQ is questionable and very subjective. We are created with intelligence and emotion. That is our human nature. Neither can truly be measured accurately until we apply them in our own lives. There are many people around the world who don’t go to school and never took an academic test. But they’re not stupid or ignorant; and they have a huge heart full of compassion, empathy and sympathy for their fellow human being! That’s what IQ and EQ both measure isn’t it? Your ability to think, to adapt and survive in the world you live in and to care about those who live in that world with you?

      • You are truly right! We are born with both an IQ & EQ.

        It is also true that those who have no education are ignorant and stupid.

        Its just sometimes it irritates me if people look up to you just because to went to top notch school or finished on top of your class.

        I, myself, am not good in my academic achievements & I don’t have a high IQ, but I am good in my inter-personal relationship.

        Thank you for your comment. Nice input on this topic.

    • A child with high IQ and EQ is indeed a very fortunate child. But oftentimes, both are not present in one person; so the saying “you can not have all the cake and eat it too” could be true.

      We often see persons with high IQ as loners or they always want to be secluded because they get irritated with people who could not easily grasp what they are conveying or saying. They tend to be anti-social; so one can aspire more for a high EQ and he will enjoy life more.

      • As Treathyl FOX had commented, we are born with it. It is a matter of enhancing what we have.

        I, too, would rather enhance more on the emotional aspect of my life, maybe because I am slow on the intelligence side hehehe.

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    Hi @cmoneyspinner – Yes, you are right, every shared url must contains your referral id, in order to earn you credit. And not to mentioned, if you share any article or forum post from this shared button then you don’t really have to worry about your referral link because we have already programmed this shared button to automatically change the…[Read more]

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    Treathyl FOX replied to the topic What is your favorite song? in the forum Group logo of EntertainmentEntertainment 1 year, 11 months ago

    I’m revisiting this question because when I woke up this morning my husband was playing some music videos and it got me thinking again about “favorites”.  Of course, it’s an impossible question to answer. Unless maybe you’re 5 years old. 🙂   But the longer you live, the longer your list gets.  🙂  Having thought about again, here are some more…[Read more]

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    Treathyl FOX replied to the topic Got the Payout Email from LiteracyBase! in the forum Group logo of Making Money OnlineMaking Money Online 2 years ago

    It’s official!  Received my first payment from Literacy Base, January 10th, as agreed.  Now I can confidently tell others, based on my own actual experience, about another social blogging community that does what they say will do and pays you!!!

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    Treathyl FOX posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    “Liberty is to the collective body, what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society.” — Henry St. John (healthwyze.org)

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    Treathyl FOX posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Just got another blog post approved. This makes 17 posts online. Although the one about Tsu doesn’t count! That site shut down one or two days after the post was published. Anyway! Hope to have 20 posts approved before the end of October. Just need to think of 3 topics to write 300 words about. Any suggestions? Anything except Halloween! 🙂

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    peachpurple replied to the topic Are our posts rated? in the forum Group logo of About LiteracyBaseAbout LiteracyBase 2 years, 3 months ago

    is your post 300 words?

    Usually 300 -400 words rate is 10-15 cents

    I write 500 words-700 words- pays 22 cents

    If you can write 800 words, might get 27-30 cents

    But I would suggest that you either write 300 words, 4-5 posts per day, then you can earn approximately 50 cents to 65 cents

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    In reply to: Treathyl FOX posted an update @jarik2kute – Are you aware that you activity of copying entire blog posts from one site and posting them here as a response in a forum is not allowed? Please stop. @Admin @Support View

    Thanks @cmoneyspinner for letting us know. We are really grateful.
    @jarik2kute – As mentioned In T&C and rewards section that Plagiarism is not allowed. We are deleting your content.

    Thanks – Support

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    nakitakona13 ~ Thanks for mentioning Please check my public message updates. I like this site. Took a deep breath and decided to take a chance and go direct. Hoping the problem gets corrected immediately. I posted to my own wall because I don’t want others to take responsibility for my words and actions. CC: bestwriter



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    Treathyl FOX posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    @jarik2kute – Are you aware that you activity of copying entire blog posts from one site and posting them here as a response in a forum is not allowed? Please stop. @Admin @Support

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    @flexcodex – Who are you? Why are you here? Your comments at posts appear to be plagiarized. If so, this type of activity is unfair to the loyal members and you are taking advantage of the graciousness of the site owners who allowed you to sign up. Please stop. @Admin @Support

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    Treathyl FOX wrote a new post, What’s Your Favorite Jelly, Jam, Preserves or Fruit Spread? 2 years, 4 months ago

    Do you have a favorite fruit topping for your toast? In the house that I grew up, there were only two choices: Welch’s grape jelly or Smucker’s strawberry preserves. That’s what my mom bought. Since she was in […]

    • I love KAYA, butter and sugar or peanut butter on toast, taste just good with hot cocoa or coffee.
      I did tried making my own KAYA- coconut screwpine jam, taste good and sweet.
      Doesn’t taste as good as canned KAYA.
      Maybe I should try get the right recipe

      • A recipe would be nice. I have never heard of KAYA. You can make your own and it comes canned? Maybe I should check the aisle in our grocery store that has international foods.

    • Oh yes!! It would be pineapple jam for me as well. But I make my own jam with cherries and star goose berries that grow in my garden and until that gets over I suppose I will have to wait to get the jame that I love.

      • Recently we have been trying the fruit spreads. They don’t use as much sugar as jams, jellies or preserves. My husband likes the raspberry and black cherry fruit spread. But I think the pineapple fruit spread is the best! 🙂

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    Treathyl FOX posted an update 2 years, 4 months ago

    “Don’t hope or wait for a hero to save you. Find your inner strength and lift yourself up.” – Treathyl Fox 🙂

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    Treathyl FOX posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    Although I have not been an extremely active blogger at this site like many others, I am pleased that every blog post I submitted was approved and publishing within 48 hours. That gives me a more confidence to try harder. My initial activity at any community I join is to take it slow. Don’t jump into the waters, wade in at a slow but steady…[Read more]

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    Treathyl FOX wrote a new post, Watching Korean Drama Online With English Subtitles 2 years, 5 months ago

    One of my kids called recently. My daughter answered her cell phone and my other daughter was wanting to know if I was busy. My daughter says: “Uuuhh … she’s absorbed in one of her K-dramas right now.” Absor […]

    • There was a time when I was so addicted with K-dramas (around the same time as My Sassy Girl). To be honest, I don’t have much time to watch TV these days but I know a lot of people who stream online to watch. They are freelancers as well and they say it is bad for the business, LOL!

      • Watching the series is a very time consuming activity. So that I don’t feel too guilty for the time spent, I try to write reviews and publish them at my different blogs or in the blogging communities where I am active. Plus I like sharing my opinions with others so they can put the programs on their watch list and have fun too! 🙂

    • I used to watch Korean historical dramas for several years and I got hooked to them as well; I discovered a lot of interesting aspects about the history and culture of the Korean people by watching those shows; I definitely don’t consider that watching them was a waste of time. Anyway, I know that K-dramas are very catchy and easily create addiction, so if I start watching one of the shows you recommended I will try to limit myself to watching only one episode per evening!

      • Yes. Sometimes when I take my lunch break during the day, I’ll watch an episode while I’m eating. Then late at night, after I have accomplished most of my work for the day, I may watch one or two episodes and then force myself to turn off the computer. I takes will power but I shut down! 🙂

    • You got me now !
      I am a K-pop fanatic and K drama too.
      Right now, I am watching Doctors and Beautiful Mind, all are related to doctor, romantic genre.
      I can’t use viki nor dramafever because malaysia is not one of the country supported by these sites.
      So, I watch online through dramanice.eu or dramacool.

      I also love runningman and the return of superman ( kids edition)
      With the english subs, you don’t have to subscribe any tv channel now.

      • Oh how I wish there were no borders. There are some sites I find with a show I really want to watch and then I get that dreaded message “This site is not available in your country.” Fell like screaming! The disappointment is so hard to bear. Anyway! Could be worse. Suppose none of the sites were available in my country. It would be like living in the Dark Ages. 🙂

    • I really really love Korean dramas. Ever since in high school, I am already hooked with them especially when I watched Moon Embracing the Sun and My love from the Star which were translated in our language. Another good Korean drama is the rooftop prince. If only I have stable internet connection and a good computer, I will surely watch other entertaining dramas. The most famous kdrama in the Philippines today is the Descendants of the Sun. Song Joong-ki is very handsome.

      • “Moon Embracing the Sun” was on Netflix. I started it and got distracted. Went back to look for it and it had been removed from the database. Then my husband found “Tamra the Island”. So I watched that. Eventually, I did find the TV series and got a chance to watch it all the way through. I loved it!!

        I found a list of Top K-dramas published on YouTube and I sort use it to help me select a series. Right now I’m in between two shows. In America, we have an expression. If we say a child is “born with a silver spoon in their mouth”, that means almost everything works out well for that child in their life. Well in these two K-drama series, both girls were born with a “golden spoon”. Things go well for them and then extra good stuff gets piled on! 🙂

    • I am an active member at a discussion forum that has many members from the Philippines. Whenever I publish a quickie review of a Korean drama they are always enthusiastic about it.

      It’s hard for me to find good K-dramas on YouTube in the USA.

      Watching the K-dramas has taught me a lot about the history and some of the language.

      I like the love triangle theme because I pick the “best couple” right from the start, and then go through the whole series to see if in the end, I picked the right one! It’s so fun!! 🙂

    • Sometimes its very exhausting watching a korean drama with an english subtitle i cannot even concentrate with the character of the actor or actress in the story i usually read the subtitle knowing what they were saying. For me, i think it is much better to dubbed it in tagalog which i could easily understand and relate. My favorite korean drama is descendant of the sun, a phenomenal hit who touch the heart and lives of the filipinos. Even the background music of it is perfect. You would absolutely fall in love with the story! I really love the plot, the character, and the heartwarming love story between the hero and the heroine it seems very different and unsual to the other korean drama i used to watch. Hope to have a second season of descendant of the sun.

      • For sure if I would love to find the movies “dubbed”. That would be fabulous! Watching with the English subtitles is exhausting. Especially if you have weak eyes. But it’s funny. I find myself learning Korean words and phrases. Then I get excited! To my husband and my kids, I’m like: “Oh! Oh! Guess what? I know how to say father, mother and big brother in Korean! Yes!! And I can ask What? And Why?” You never know. It might come in handy one day! 🙂

    • We used to get a show called ‘Sansun’ in Ja. It did pretty well but we were addicted to a Bollywood show which was dubbed called ‘Strange Love’
      it was Iss Pyar Ko Kya Nyam Doon

    • My Daughter in law was hooked with Korean soap operas. She did not miss an episode. In fact, when she came to visit us in Virginia, she would go to you tube and catch up on the episodes she had missed. I might go to you tube or netflix and check some of these movies. If they have some suspense, action and drama, that might be a way to spend a lazy Saturday night. Thank you for sharing. Article well written.

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    Treathyl FOX wrote a new post, Restaurant Experiences: Sure Signs You’re Addicted to Chinese Food 2 years, 5 months ago

    How do you know you’re addicted to Chinese food?
    * * *

    Hmmm? Well if you’re married to a man like my husband:

    Every time he decides to treat you by taking you out to dinner, you always end up at a […]

    • I have not eaten any chinese foods before but I hope to try out one someday. I just watch a lot of them in the movies
      my friend was in Japan some time ago and he really loved their food. Probably they might be the same.

    • Kung Pao Chicken was my fave for a long time until I tried the House Spicy Chicken. 🙂

    • I am a chinese, but I am not really fond of chinese food, I prefer italian spaghetti and pasta recipes which are healthier.
      Of course, there are healthy chinese food which are stir fry, less oil and fats.
      Did the restaurant serve Kung Pao Chicken? Butter Prawns? Claypot seafood tofu? Those are chinese favorites here

    • Italian? You and my husband would butt heads on that. He says all they eat is pasta! Which, of course, is not true. But he says Chinese food has more veggies and the brown sauce makes everything taste good. LOL. So you don’t like Chinese food huh? Several years back, at one of my old jobs, my co-workers want us all to go out for lunch. My fellow worker and friend from Hong Kong said he didn’t want to go out with us, because he knew we just wanted to go eat Chinese food which is what he eats all the time! 🙂

      The restaurant served Kung Pao chicken and has a seafood section on its menu. I’m just beginning to learn about tofu and to be honest, never checked any restaurant’s menu for tofu dishes. I don’t eat out much these days, so I collect recipes.

    • I am not a Chinese Food fan. The one dish I like are the Manchurian with gravy- which anyways at most places in India is an Indianised and spicier version of Authentic Chinese food. But restaurants like Yo! China, Bercos, Mainland China have some more authentic Food, but are expensive and fine for Team lunches or dinners.
      Yet I know people who like Veg Chowmein, Haka Noodles, Noddles of other sorts, veg or non-veg Manchurian, and other Chinese Foods.

    • When it comes to food I love experimenting with world cuisines but have to admit that I’m not always brave to try the bizarre and unusual! There was a food show that came on TV and the guy traveled all over the world tasting bizarre and strange foods. I had to stop watching the show. I just couldn’t take it! I kept thinking he was going to eat something wrong and die right there on the show! My nerves were fraying. 🙂

    • Yes, Chinese foods are much delicious and easy to digest but no taste no red chilly, no green chilly no salt..what a useless curry for me but other life Chinese foods but I do not like because all are taste less and time waste in eating.

      Chinese foods are such as salty, simple, less vegetables with wheat as the staple food. Food using wheat as its main ingredient, such as noodles and dumplings is prevalent there.

      I think that Chinese cuisine has a tremendous range of flavors and styles. Whatever my mood is, there’s something that satisfies me and It’s based on color, taste, and aroma—it should be beautiful to the eye, flavorful, and fragrant.

      Spicy or mild, most Chinese dishes start from a common foundation. “Garlic, chili, and ginger are often called the holy trinity of Chinese cooking,” Young says, with scallions playing only a slightly less important role. And no self-respecting Chinese chef would find himself without a bottle of soy sauce. Used in countless different ways, soy sauce provides much of the saltiness in Chinese cooking while adding a round, full flavor.

      The Chinese diet is also a fairly healthy style of eating, when you consider the typical ratio of protein to vegetables to starch. In the United States, “one person will eat a 16-ounce rib eye, and in China that would feed four to five people in a stir-fry, Tsai says. “Meat is used more as the flavoring than as the focal point—it’s as much about the vegetables and noodles or rice.

    • Chinese food is my choice as well. I have enjoyed practically all those delicacies except Szechwan which I tried just once and could not go through. Very hot to my liking. I love their soups, spring rolls, fried rice, sweet and sour pork……….the list is endless. I also like their dessert – lychees (where is the tongue out emoticon? :grin:)

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    Treathyl FOX posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    Submitted two blog posts. One in Travel and the other in Computers & Internet. Both have been approved. Thanks to @Support and @Admin for the encouragement. 🙂

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    Anjee commented on the post, My Blogging History (Learn From Me) 2 years, 5 months ago

    In reply to: Treathyl FOX wrote a new post, My Blogging History (Learn From Me) Several years back (about 4 or 5 years ago), in an effort to find a means of earning income by working from home, I began researching “how to m […] View

    Nice one! I hope I can do that too. I have been thinking of making a blog since last month but I still didnt started it since I have a very low self esteem.

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    In reply to: ksp posted an update I am unable to understand this Literacy base site, when I open the site some pop up ads are disturbing the page all the time, I cannot read any article completely while reading the article […] View

    The ad appears each time you move within the site from one page to the next. Just click the small “x”. It’s encircled at the upper right hand corner of the ad box and the ad will disappear. If you accidentally click and an ad shows up, just click on the back arrow near the web address bar at the top of the page in your browser and it will tak…[Read more]

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