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    A woman has many roles in her life. It is up to her to do well in all and not make it a juggling act, to catch the ball that is there, but to multi-task and make time for each role to be fulfilled.

    It might be […]

    • No matter what you do, always remember to take time for yourself!!

    • A woman could be friend, enemy, sister, daughter, mother, even a father, your favorite person, your worst neighbor but she will always be a woman no matter you like her or not. Woman is made my God so they have specific roles for every person they meet.

    • I think Women are doing a tremendous job of juggling between work and personal life, Husbands and Kids, and with their parents and Hubbies.
      However, often inter-woman jealousy, ego, as well as ignorance of their own health is something that impacts women negatively.
      As a man, I won’t say that I understand all women problems effectively, but I find it so strange that why women keep squabbling about trivial issues, much more than men, when they ought to use each other’s talents to get more benefit for each other.
      May be it is the way Men’s and Women’s brains differ in their working?

    • That is an inspiring peace just to remind us who a woman is and just how important she is in this world. women hold the greatest titles in this world but we often don’t stop to think about that fact being a woman is just being a wife or a mother a woman means the whole world. they sacrifice so much yet receive so little or nothing in return, I think women need to be appreciated more in the society and be given the respect that is due to them

    • A woman is a multi tasker and they do a great job of it. They say men utilise just one side of the brain whereas women use both.

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