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    DR KOKIL AGARWAL - "GOOD MORNING EVERYONE…I’m falling in love with this place and from today I wish I can spend some more time here."View
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    bestwriter - "Hi everyone. I have not been updating my status here but shall do so from now on"View
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    Krishna Kumar - "Congratulations to all new group members who have joined recently. Participate and share what is new in your life, surroundings or any other information which is interesting and useful for others to participate […]"View
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    @stbrians MESHACK BWOYELE KEYA - "What is ambition"View
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    sourov ahmed - "Nothing 2 sAy"View
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    Gil Camporazo - "I have just come back. How’s everyone here?"View
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    happsingh - "Is it possible to have word count in the format where we all type, i think it will help us all and all newbies as well as I also faced that issue. When I was brand new here, i was not clear about the guide lines […]"View
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    cely - "My internet connection is so slow, very annoying."View
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    Anthony Davis - "I am a newbie and one of my articles has a misspelled word. How do I correct this?"View
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    Treathyl FOX - "Phasing out my activity at this site. No longer publishing blog posts, making comments, or accepting friend requests. Please don’t take my rejection personally. My other home business projects have taken the […]"View
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    peachpurple - "@thinker I have already send the picture to you. Please check at pic 4 thanks"View
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    Kyla Matton Osborne (Ruby3881) - "Just checking in to see if anyone has heard from support. It seems we are now at a point where two consecutive months’ worth of payments have gone unpaid and yet people here continue to publish."View
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    Dawnwriter - "@cmoneyspinner Hi. Thank you so much. I am very confused about blogjob. I don’t know whether I should delete my posts there and bring them here or just wait? At the moment, I do not have to delete and repost so […]"View
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    dz trojan - "Good afternoon all friends"View
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    SuperD - "How are you all doing today? It’s Tuesday night and we are doing okay here in our place."View
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    IchchheMrityu - "Another day not in paradise"View
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    Georgeta Popoiu - "Good morning ! Well I have found here! I greet you and wish you a wonderful day full of warmth, tranquility and peace, and success in your activities on the site !!!"View
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