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    The Key to Breakthrough In Any Area Of Your Life

    “Inch by inch is a synch.

    Yard by yard is hard.”

    When you want to make a change in your life, start taking some small steps first!

    Don’t pretend it’ll change over night. Stay consistent, and work on the small action steps first.

    Want to get healthy?

    Go on a 10 minute walk.

    Want to get closer to God?

    Read a short devotional right when you get up.

    Want to clean your house?

    Start with one room.

    The key to breakthrough in any area of your life is ACTION. But the reason we procrastinate is because we’re overwhelmed!

    We think we have to do everything, But thats unrealistic!

    Thank God the future only comes comes one day at a time.

    Take consistent small steps and you will reach your target.

    The most important thing for you to do today is make the decision to do SOMETHING, not everything.

    Be encouraged today because God is with you.