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    Most poor people often limit their understanding concerning poverty as a state of being.
    Poverty is a state of mind and not just someone’s financial status. Poverty is beyond financial problem. Being poor is a matter of choice. Thus; you’re poor because you want to be poor and not because you don’t have any option other than being poor. You’re still confused, right? You don’t have to be confused. Below are the eight major reasons why you’re still poor:

    YOU’RE IGNORANT OF YOUR PREDICAMENT: Seeing poverty as a state of being financially down is a great height of ignorance which is capable of holding you to ransom unless you discover the fact that poverty is a mental malady. You can’t find solution to any problem without understanding the problem, you need to emancipate yourself from the captivity of ignorance by understanding your predicament. This would help you to seek appropriate solution to your predicament. To quit this quagmire, it’s advisable to change your mindset regarding your understanding about poverty.
    2. YOU WANT TO EARN WITHOUT LEARNING: learning is one of the eminent prerequisite for earning. You can’t earn without learning. Most poor people hate learning and this tend to render them impotent and clueless. For instance, You can’t be a blogger without knowing what blogging is all about. You ought to learn about blogging before venturing into it as a blogger. The reason why you’re still poor is because you haven’t formed the habit of learning. As an aspirant of success I implore you to learn in order to earn.

    3. YOU DON’T HAVE GOALS: You can be prayerful and have all the conviction in the world, but if you do not have a plan of where you want to go and where you want to be in the next few years, you will still remain poor. Likewise, if you have goals that are set too high and those that are set too low, you will get discouraged or bored in the process. Do not be average, but do not set your goals too high as you will soon abandon them.

    4. YOU HATE INVESTMENT: Most poor people hate taking the risk of investment. Their wish is to become millionaires without investing a dime. Their utmost desire is to reap where they do not sow which is absolutely impossible. You need to plant before harvesting, don’t get addicted to free stuffs in order to climb to the realm of opulence. No success can ever be achieved without investment and it’s also advisable to take calculated risk. You need to understand what you wish to invest on before releasing your resources on it.

    5. YOU DO NOT TAKE ACTION: It’s good to plan but failure to act renders your goals and plans futile. Some people have plans but they are either too afraid to start or never get the time to do it. They tend to procrastinate on daily basis. The truth is that you have to wake up and deal with issues one way or the other and if you do not, you will always remain poor. Get up and act!

    6. YOU ARE IMPATIENT: You can’t get out of poverty when you’re still lacking patience. Impatience is a disastrous phenomenon that had caged a lot of persons in the bondage of poverty. Most persons gave up when they’re almost at the edge of making it. Patience is one of the vital factor that contributes greatly to one’s success. Unless you put on the armour of patience and purge the mindset of following shortcuts you would still remain poor.

    7. YOU’RE ADDICTED TO BLAME GAME: Most poor people are fond of blaming people for their woes and shortcomings. They shy away from their responsibilities and shift the blame of negative outcomes on others. You can’t grow rich until you learn to take responsibility of all your predicaments and desist from blaming others for your failures because the more you play the blame game, the more irresponsible you’d become. Irresponsibility is an embargo to success.

    8. YOU ASSOCIATE WITH POOR MINDED PEOPLE: The type of people you associate with has a great influence on you. Associating with people that possesses poor mindset might render you poorer than you could ever imagine. If you wish to quit poverty option, I’d advise you to put the people you do associate with under strictest scrutiny.

    Are you still confused about the the reason why you’re poor? Then let discuss further using the comment box. Drop your view!

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