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    SON: Dad morning
    DAD: Morning son how was your night?
    SON: Splendid
    DAD: are you ready for school
    SON: Almost ready dad…dad I have a question which has been bothering me
    DAD: What is it son?
    SON: Why is it that everyday when you wake-up you always kneel day and pray
    DAD: Simple son as I explained to you already I always I have to thank God for sparing my life and for giving me an opportunity of seeing another day
    SON: But don’t you get tired of doing the same thing over and over?
    DAD: (Laughs) Listen son…when I knock off from work what do I always bring for you?
    SON: Some biscuits dad
    DAD: and why don’t you get tired thanking me?
    SON: because you love me a lot and you never miss a day without bringing me biscuits
    DAD: Great…now why should I and anyone reading this get tired of thanking God for always sparing our lives and giving us an opportunity of seeing a new day….Besides no amount of money can be able to pay Him(God) for the free air we breathe
    SON: I now get your point day
    DAD: don’t forget to thank him whenever you wake son
    SON: ok dad let me do as wise
    DAD: That’s my son
    No matter how busy you are always spare your time for God as He always spares your life…I know some people always complain that they’re are tired of seeing the same kind of posts…You’ll never lose anything by just taking seconds of your time by typing
    Let Those Who Truly Thankful To God Our Saviour type they thankful Comments
    I START: THANK YOU LORD for giving me chance of been among those who made it to this day and can read this post.

    • Thank You Lord and Savior for waking me & my family up this morning. I thank you for the good and the bad, I thank you for having mercy on me throughout my little life. I thank you for giving me life. I thank you for my health and my families health. I thank you for everything!