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    Arshad Niazi posted an update 3 years, 6 months ago

    Juat joined literacybase and this is my first post on literacybase. I am a teacher, Urdu poet and Prose writer. I love to write onine. I have a recording studeo where I compose my songa and record. I also work as free lancer on many online market places. I feel really very happy and proud when my work in music and photograph is appricited internationally.
    Photography is both my passion and profession. I do not skip any chance to travel for nature photography. I now I will go through the Terms and Conditions and of literacybase and sure creat a photography and music group.

    • Good to see you here on Literacybase dom com. I am so happy to see you joining us. Thanks for considering my request. Hope we continue writing and sharing our views on this platform and the rest. Thanks