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Medical Technologists Should Be Skilled or Else Patients Will Suffer
March 21, 2017

This early morning, my husband and I went to the hospital laboratory to have our blood chemistry examination. This was required by our doctor to monitor our blood glucose and other health indicators.

We went there too early, the medical staff said we should had fasted for ten to twelve hours before blood extraction. This aims to have an accurate measurement particularly on the blood sugar. We had dinner at about 8 p.m., so we waited until 6 a.m. to have the blood extraction. We were there at 5:10 a.m.

There were also many adult patients waiting to have their blood extracted. Looking at them, I thought they were also like us, monitoring blood sugar or other health concerns. I thought about the importance of having check-ups so we can know the status of our health. It is because we may feel fine, but we don’t know about “hidden” signs of a disease or ailment.

For me, my blood sugar is not yet alarming, but my doctor said I am prediabetic. I told her it was because of “crazy eating” during the holiday season. (I had already posted about this, where I challenged her because she said I could not exercise daily to fend off diabetes).

Medical Technologist Could Not Extract Blood

So at 6 a.m. I sat at the chair being used for blood extraction. I warned the medical technologist that it is so hard to get blood sample from my forearm (opposite the elbow) because they could hardly locate the vein. Two medical technologists were successful in locating it, but they had transferred to hospitals abroad for higher wages.

This is the sad state of professionals in our country particularly in the medical sector. Many of the new graduates train in local hospitals here, and when they got the expertise they will work in other countries.

So we local patients have to suffer, like from untrained or unskilled medical technologists who could not extract blood well, or could not locate the patient’s vein easily. I told the medical technologist if she knows it, and she answered positively, so I allowed her to prick from my forearm, but I warned her that I do not want so many pricks, so she should take the blood sample from the back of my

Then she failed to get enough blood from my forearm, and good thing she was apologetic, so I told her to prick at the back of my palm. My veins are so big and very visible there.

Waiting for the Blood Chemistry Result

We are so excited to see the results. It will be released at about 11 a.m. We are so excited because it took us a month to have a strict diet, exercise, and blood sugar monitoring every morning.

Praying for Good Results

As we travel to the hospital, I kept on praying that the laboratory results be good. I would be so sad if the indicators are of the “failing grades,” or those that go above the normal range.

We are wishing ourselves good luck, as we decided to go on with a disciplined diet and exercise whether the results are good or bad.

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    1. Medical Technologist is really an important role in terms of knowing the blood chemistry of people. Doctors cannot rule out diagnosis if there is no result from blood chemistry and other diagnostic tools.There are some medical technologists are not good in blood extraction. That’s the painful way of extracting blood from the veins. They should know how to do it accurately.

      • I was afraid when they try to extract from my forearm’s veins because they could not find it; one said my veins there are so thin.


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