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May 20, 2016


A holistic approach to healthy living is what everyone considers these days as being the way to go. There are several therapies that add on to qualify a holistic approach to healthy living such as,  yoga, reiki, ayurveda, and massages. 

 No sooner a woman is pregnant, apart from announcing to the world the good news the other thing that one looks for is a Masseuse.These experts are in heavy demand and one needs to book them well in advance.  And the moment the child is born both the mother and child are given massages specific to their needs. This is a globally accepted health therapy. This therapy should be adopted by one and all. 

Massage helps relieve stress and puts a person in a relaxing state. Specially when one gets back from a hard day’s work the muscles become stiff and a good massage followed by a hot water bath does away with fatigue and this helps relieve mental tension as well.


Most experience muscle spasms specially in the night. What better way than to quickly give that limb a massage and get back to sleep. It works wonders with the limb that is caught up in a spasm.


As one grows older the first thing that gets affected are the joints. There are special  massage techniques involved  that provide better movement and flexibility of the affected joint/s

 Health experts recommend that even a healthy person should make massaging a way with life as it improves blood circulation so necessary to give the heart less strain.


Massage has more benefits than one could imagine. There are different ways to massage different parts of the body and when that is done one can see the difference even in the way one can breathe so freely.


Most important of all however is that a massage remotely is responsible for  peace of mind. One can think clearly and perform better.


It is also known to regulate one’s blood pressure, rightly so as massage helps  better blood circulation and therefore brings the pressure to normal levels.


All what one needs is a good massage of the head to relieve headaches which are a part and parcel of modern living. Even migranes are believed to vanish with the massage therapy.


Massage involves spending a couple of hours away from the hussle and bussle of life and that itself is enough for anyone to get the break that helps one put one’s mind in order. A quiet place is normally selected and when the Masseuse does the job nothing like listening to some soft music with closed doors – a feeling that one is away from it all



There are oil massages and powder massages. Those who have no time to follow a bath after the massage they opt for a powder massage where talcum powder is used to work on the body.  Olive oil is considered the best for massages. Expensive though it may be when the results show there is no hesitancy in investing on this life saving therapy.

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    1. We are lucky to have a massage parlor in the next block. They offer home service massage so all we do is call them. It’s best to have massage at home particularly at night so you can go straight to bed for a relaxing sleep. And the massage here is cheap at $10 for an hour of massage session. We usually get a massage (me and my wife) once a week at exactly 9pm in time for bedtime.

    2. When I go home after a day’s work, I request my wife to apply some massage to different parts of my body. Massage works well especially in relieving myself of stress and I feel so relaxed after the massage. All those fatigue and mental tensions I have are gone. My wife is good in massaging me. She knows to what part of my body needs more massage. When she’s through doing it, I have the peace of mind, and I feel sleepy and go to sleep.

    3. Massaging each other helps closer bonding between partners.


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