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Marriage,Make It Last For Years
Marriage,Make It Last For Years_CONFIDENCE..always carry threw your life

I have been married 24 wonderful  yrs and still very much in love with my husband.  We enjoy each other every single day by doing a lot of little things together. Shopping,Dinning Out ,Dancing or watch a good movie couple times a week.

My husband and I do this all the time, go dancing every single weekend ,enjoy friends and family and we even share a car.   This is a real problem with our married couples, we don’t enjoy each other like we should. Time is so precious and we don’t let petty disagreements get in the way.

If  you can think of someone off top of your head that has it worse than you, YOU HAVE GOLD..  I learned growing up by  look around me at friends and family relationships and told myself I would meet someone who we both can communicate,conversate,appreciate each other, learn to meet half way with things in life.  No marriage will ever be perfect, its when life throws you a loop in the relationship no matter what it is you can work it out together.

tHE gOOD ,THE BAD AND THE UGLY.  We made a commitment when we decided to get together ,get married and make work.  I respect him and he respects me and if we don’t agree on something we sit down and talk and come to some conclusions.

I don’t rule him and he don’t rule me.  We are equals: I clean, he cooks,I help homework, he pay for children classes, I work from home, he drives car to work and I go where need to when he comes home unless have appointment on my days off.  He pay more than I do in bills, but I do help pay on the 3 top bills.  I have learned you have to work together.  It’s never one person unless u rich, and even they have problems more than us regular people have.  You enjoy life,people around you , you love positive people in life that appreciate you and your marriage and can give any advise that you can.

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    1. Here’s the the “magic formula” for all couples. Figure out what works for the two of you. Tell everybody else to mind their own biz-ness!

    2. Congratulations for being in marriage for 24 years and still going strong. There arent5many couples in the world that are like you guys may God continue to bless your marriage. There are a couple of things that you have mentioned that couples should do. And when I think about it I realise that half of those things are merely done by married couples nowadays. It’s all about you do for me and I do for you. No one wants to do anything for anyone willingly it has to be a toy for tat kind of thing, and this is the reason many couples don’t last in their marriages. You have mentioned above that couples need to do stuff together like watch a movie together, you dance together and so on, this are romantic features which is good to enjoy each other as you’ve said. My question is what if you have a husband who is not romantic at all, has not a fun of movies, neither does he dance what does a woman do at that point? do you force him to get to do these things with him or what. sometimes it could be a challenge and thats why you find there is infidelity in the family setting. People just don’t want to love each other and appreciate the little things in life. If only we could try to understand each other and do the things that make us happy together only then would marriages last.

      • Good evening doll Anitah. I loved you liked my article. The best thing I could tell you is to find out the littlest or simple things he likes…fishing…watch football or basketball. Be Bold and express exactly how much you love him and what you want out of your relationship. If you want it then talk,communicate, be honest,say exactly what you want from him and your relationship..Ask him right out if He loves you and look forward to being together for rest of life…If he says yes to all or most above let him know the little thing we do as a couple…somethings he likes,,,some you like…..no matter what we do ,we are enjoying each other no matter where you are at and nothing or no one around them can take that from you or him. Leave note on bed,table,tx message 1x day let know thinking of him or does he want anything special you can do ….It’s the little things that matter. We don’t live forever–remind him of that, and that every minute is precious. Can’t tell someone what you should have done or said after tragic accident or serious illness and then we are gone. Anybody can make a change in life the next second -,even though may have done wrong but you have be willing put effort and energy into anything or body that you love.

    3. Marriage is a name of two souls’ gathering in one heart. Marriage is not the name of sex and in love marriage people get defeat and lose the lover, why? Love marriage often fail, because it rests on emotions and emotions change time to time whenever be emotions different a clash will break out at home and in human souls.

      It is written in the holy bible that good wives are the gift of God on earth for holy men. Happy are those who get good wives not those wives who have good husbands.

      Happy life full of pleasures is the blessings of God man and woman. Marriage on the ground of money and beauty fails but marriage on the ground of truth and reason succeed on earth.

      According to the holy bible, neither man is superior nor man is superior both are part and parcel of each other. Both have equal rights at home and out of homes.

      Think, man walks on two foot both are part and parcel of each other can anyone tell me which leg is superior and which leg is inferior?
      In marriage both are equal but just the difference of structure and nothing else.

      In a successful life human wife love and respect each other.


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