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Making repeated mistakes in relationship.

Have you heard saying that women and men are from different planets. It may sound banal, but there is some truth, especially when it comes to differences of men and women thoughts and behaviors in their relationships. However, both women and men make mistakes. Every human makes mistakes. The trouble is that most of the mistakes we cannot rectify. Because a large proportion of mistakes are being made in relationships.

It is often said that if a person made mistake once, it is necessary to allow him to improve, but if he made a second mistake – this is not a mistake, but a choice. Do you support this idea? Mistakes are part of our lives. Everyone was wrong at least once. It’s not important how often we make mistakes, but if we are able to learn from those mistakes.

Sometimes living as a couple, people perceive differently, what is the mistake in relationship. Mistake maybe is a little too strong word, perhaps more would fit word behavior that is unacceptable to another person. If we want to maintain long-term relationships, we strive not to repeat what our partner does not like.

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I think, in such situations could help open conversations. We can tell a person what we consider as unpleasant and unacceptable in mutual relations and jointly decide how it can be corrected. It is important for people to hear each other.

If unacceptable behavior is, however, repeated in the future, you should consider whether the partner shall take into account your needs, whether it is important for him that in the relations both of you would feel good. If partners do not pay attention to each other’s needs, hardly their relationship will become successful. Also, you should think about whether you will be able to live with someone whose behavior is unacceptable and the low probability that it will be different. Sometimes in the relations, partner’s mistakes remains as grievances, which hinder open and sincere relationship in the future.


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