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Make Money Online: MyLot is a Legitimate Income Opportunity
September 22, 2016
money-Make Money Online: MyLot is a Legitimate Income Opportunity

Was about to initiate a discussion in a forum but decided that what I had to say would be lengthy enough to generate a blog post. Found two topics initiated in a forum and sharing the links.



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I sign in to myLot every day (except Sundays). The pay out is $5 and it’s not that hard to make. Although, sometimes you might miss the cut off date and have to wait until the next cut off. But that’s cool! Because by then you might have double the $$$ amount.


MyLot is like Facebook and Twitter or other social networks, in that people contribute their thoughts and opinions on almost anything. Yes. Sometimes the discussions can get “lively”. Sometimes “misunderstandings” happen. It’s a global community with people from all different backgrounds. Differences of view points are to be expected. Never had anybody harass me though.


MyLot is not like the other social networks because you actually do get paid to throw in your two cents or your randomness. Have been at other sites that promised to do what myLot is doing, i.e. pay you for your social interactions. Those sites don’t exist any more.


Have never had a bad experience with Admin or Support. Have never been abused by the members.


Been at myLot.com for a little over year. No complaints. I find it’s a great place to store my random thoughts. It’s a discussion forum, just like this is a discussion forum.

  • SUCCESS TIP: Try to think of subjects people would be interested in talking about. There is no minimum word requirement to initiate a discussion. In other words, you can ask a question in 5 words or less and get the ball rolling. How easy is that?


  • SUCCESS TIP:  MyLot and LiteracyBase are complementary and supplementary.  You can achieve your goals of making money online at both sites.


I use both ML and LB for income earning via social interactions because both sites pay you for being active and you don’t have to publish blog posts, although blogging is encouraged.


I prefer to use myLot for short quips, expressing a quick thought, spouting out random stuff, etc. I seldom write long posts there.  I do use LiteracyBase to blog 300+ words, and also participate in forums, leave comments at posts, occasionally update my wall, etc.


Mentioning one last thing about myLot, although I have not had much success with it, likely because I don’t have the patience. In your dashboard there is a link for “Offers”. Some members say this is an opportunity to earn cash or gift cards by taking advantage of an offer. Can’t speak to this feature other than to say it is there for you. Try it or don’t try it. You will still make money on myLot just by socializing and interacting.


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LiteracyBase and myLot: Torn Between Two Best Friends



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    1. That’s right! Enjoy what you love and make money at the same time!

    2. I have always wanted to learn about mylot and am glad you shared. I do multiblogging and I think adding mylot to it will make a difference. You have put very strong points for this social network that really pays. I tried to sign up for rabadaba with no success. Be sure to meat me in mylot too. Thanks for the share.

    3. I don’t do the offers in mylot.

    4. Thanks for sharing. Indeed, you learn something every day. I will check out my lot. One thing that I would like to share is Hubpages. Hubpages is unique because it pays you. It, also, has a dedicated community of writers that will help and encourage you. You do have to write longer posts but it is an excellent tool to give you exposure through google. Plus, you can post your backlinks to your hubs that will land others towards this site. It’s a win-win situation.


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