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major causes of fatal accident on the road

Road accident is a global tragedy with the ever-
rising trend. Almost every day, we hear the news
of the accident on the television, radio and internet.
Most people continue to negligent and ignore the
danger involved in their driving and so, these
accidents happen. This essay will discuss all the
possible causes and solution of the road accidents.
To begin with, carelessness is one of the major
cause of the road accident in our planet. Under
carelessness, we have various examples, which
include, using the mobile phone while the vehicle
in moving, break the traffic rules and entering from
the side road into the path of the vehicle.
Furthermore, when inexperience and untrained
drivers and those with blur eyesight that drive at
night is one of the major cause of escalating
accident rate in our world. In addition, most of the
people drive after drinking alcohol, which may lead
to dangerous road accident.
Issue that need to be considered in order to curb
accidents are policies made by government to
make sure that road are well constructed and
maintained. In addition, enforcement of appropriate
legislation to make sure that all commercial and
private drivers should be well trained before they
attain driving licence to drive on the street.
Furthermore, passenger should also be vigilant
enough to check drivers when they are over
speeding and driving under the influence of
alcohol. Police can play the pivotal role to
decrease the ratio of the accidents.
To sum up, there are many causes of the road
accidents in our world, with good strategies and
with the participation of the both government and
individual; we can easily overcome with this
potential problem.causes of road accident are as following:

1. Over speeding: Some road users have
formed the habit of over speeding each
time they are on the road. Some believe
in their ability to maneuver any difficult
situation on the road, while others
believe in their vehicles ability to riggle
out of any danger. But these perceptions
are not always correct. According to the
FRSC, 50% of road crashes in Nigeria are
due to over speeding. Motorists should
therefore know that over speeding kills.
2. Bad roads: The failure of successive
governments in Nigeria to fix the death
traps called roads in Nigeria has no
doubt caused so much pain to temporal
and frequent road users. The bad roads
across the nation are nothing to write
home about. Government at all levels
must be alive to their responsibilities to
make sure all roads in Nigeria are safe
and motorable. While road users should
also exercise caution when driving in
danger spots like potholes ridden
portions, dangerous bends, roads
threatened by erosion, roads enveloped
with darkness at nights e.t.c
3. Over loading: This offence is mostly
committed by commercial vehicles and
some haulage companies. Although some
private road users are also known to
over load their vehicles too such that it
endangers their lives because it makes
the driver of the vehicle uncomfortable,
puts the vehicle in distress and also
affects other road users.
4. Bad weather: Many road accidents were
due to unfavourable weather conditions
either ignored by the driver or unknown
to him/her. It is important for road users
to check the weather conditions of their
routes through the Nigerian
Meteorological Agency to be sure that
their intended routes and destination are
weather friendly. Driving in unfriendly
weather conditions can hamper smooth
driving and can cause damage.
5. Poor vehicle maintenance: Road users
must ensure that their vehicles are in
good condition before they hit the road.
This way, road crashes caused by badly
managed vehicles are avoided to the
barest minimum. All parts of the vehicle
must be checked and re-checked to
ensure the vehicle is in perfect condition
before embarking on any journey,
however short.
6. Bad driving habits: It is important for
road users to respect other road users be
ensuring their driving is not only for
their own safety, but for others. Adhering
to all traffic rules and regulations is also
very important for safe driving.
Indeed, road users’ behaviour has to
change dramatically. Ignorance, lack of
information and neglect on road safety in
Nigeria has now made many preventable
road carnages appear normal.
7. Fatigue: This is mostly common among
commercial drivers and drivers of Very
Important Personalities (VIPs) and
government officials. These drivers are
usually over worked and hardly observe
rest. It is important for principals of such
drivers to ensure that they observe
maximum rest always, so that they can
be refreshed and geared up for the next

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